Oh thank goodness….


That Pete from Lakewood Plumbing took some time away from his family on this cold and snowy Thanksgiving to address our main line plumbing oh my gosh are you kidding emergency. 

So worth the money spent. 


And he’s on his way back home with a “thank you” bottle of wine for his turkey dinner this evening. 

And Marrs is back on line all before Hugh and Jack got home from flag football in the hood. 


Happy Thanksgiving Eve….


I am blessed…..

As I hit the grocery store, it occurs to me

How stinking much I am blessed. 

I am so far from how I grew up. My magical boring… even with the drama of Danny’s issues existence….

I am blessed. 

So much so, I’ve extended thanksgiving into two days!!!  Because no way does my celebration of my thankfulness be contained to one day. 

Happy Thanksgiving Eve. 


Our first adventure of Ds 16th year????


Georgetown Loop 

And a special birthday wish from Santa himself. 😂


Trains, family, and Santa….three of Ds favorite things.  Even though he wasn’t sure about coming up (he’s struggling a bit today) he’s darn glad we made him. 

I wonder….


Did you have any idea when you entered the world five years ago, that you would become this almost sixteen year old boy’s very best friend???


No matter how much I cursed it back then….you’ve been worth every stinking chewed shoe,  sectional, and mattress. 

Happy 5th birthday, Mulligan. 

Positive puppy energy is exactly what we all needed. 

Everyone should have a Mulligan. He’s 104 pounds of gentle giant with infinite patience and love for his boy and family with a big dog bark. 

Who takes care of the caregiver???



Her husband. 

Hugh just brought me a blanket and my tea while I sit with d because something is wrong. Big big crocodile tears. I expect it was caused by the change of weather again. 

He’s a good man. 

I was very lucky to find him 23 years ago.