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I’m gonna soak up some sun….


Do you know what tomorrow is? Tomorrow is March 1st. March 1st! Only 15 more days until the corporate deadline. When you are married to a tax cpa, you know when all the filing deadlines are for the IRS. Interesting stuff, I tell you.

But bigger news, only 21 more days of homebound…yay! We transition Danny back to school the week before spring break. That way, if he catches something, we have all of spring break to get better. So, starting on the 21st, Danny will go to school everyday. Now chances are, he will probably only be in the building for about 45 minutes, but he will be back in school! Yipee! My therapy calendar is in transition again. But four weeks from now, I should be able to tell you at any given time, who is due next in my house. I haven’t been able to say that for at least a month now. It was making my type “a” personality a bit crazy!

So tomorrow, I am off to give my back patio a facelift. It needs new cushions and toss pillows. With the weather warming up a bit, it is time to move Mr D back outside during the day so he can soak up some vitamin D. He doesn’t tolerate it in pill form, but we love it in the sunshine. You can tell when he has been outside for a few days, his color is better, his afternoon meltdown is less intense, his energy level goes up, and he is stronger. It is time to build up some reserve so we can take being back in school!

If you come by tomorrow, look for us in the back…

My wine glass is never half empty!


Well, we did it. The plague has run thru the house, but now, it is running thru the girls. Poor Mariah. Oh well, maybe I can start planning things in May? I am so ready to have my life back. Soon, right?

Both couples cooking groups Hugh and I are in met this weekend. We didn’t make Saturday night’s group and I went solo on Sunday’s. Apparently, I really, really needed to walk away. I had an absolute blast. God love Margaret for making sure my glass of wine was never empty…yikes! It is nice to reconnect with friends, however brief that appearance is. It reminds me that not everything is antivirals and temperatures.

Phindy and Tracy come this morning. I will be able to get out for a nice long walk and maybe chair shopping a bit later. There is no telling what kind of support we will have this week, I expect we have made more than Mariah sick. But, today, I have some help.

Mad minute….


So Katie sleeps in yesterday. When she comes down, the first thing she tells me is…”mom, you know the good thing about sleeping in? You miss the mad minute in the morning…”

That’s what we call them, you know the craziness that a puppy has. He runs full speed around the house, smashing into furniture, smashing into us. It is about the only time of day he is full of crazy puppy…chewing everything in sight, including our feet, in an effort to get us to play with him.

In seven weeks, Mulligan and I can get up before the house and have a nice long walk to take the edge off. But unless I want to do it at 3am, it will have to wait. The days are too long for there to be no hope of going back to sleep and starting at 3am. We get up about that about half the week, but I am too tired to do that daily…

Don’t call me crazy, but I love the energy. Our house totally needed it. He has smitten everyone. Hugh, no dogs on the couch, Marrs can be found every evening with Mulligan curled on his lap on the sectional. Jack and Katie are feeding and walking him daily, I am not quiet sure how I have managed to pull that off. He is curled up under Danny whenever either of them crashes. And I have company when I take my after dark walks and move mulch.

Totally worth the chaos of the mad minute!

Clearing my head…



I love walking. When I start, I am pretty focused on whatever it is that I have on my mind. But after a while, once my mind gets quiet, I flash to other times in my life.

Last night I was reminded of- Walking to Fisherman’s Cove with my dear friend Stephanie. Walking to KFC for fries with friends when I was visiting my dad in Agamy. Walking Stuart Beach and finding the turtle nest. Walking Santa Cruz beach trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life. Walking to Bear Creek with Hugh and Buffett. Walking all the time pregnant with Katie. Walking a screaming baby Danny. Walking the Strip in bad shoes. Walking in Chicago. Walking in Nassau.

You know the very best time to walk? At night, when the stars are out. I have been walking under those same stars for years. No matter what is going on in my life, there are those stars. Sometimes they are hard to see because of the lights. And, sometimes they are hard to see because of the clouds. But they are always there. They have been there long before me, and will continue to be there after me. Seeing them reminds me of my place in the universe. And no matter how large I thought the problem was when I started that walk, seeing the stars helps me put things in perspective.

The world’s worst mommy….


The world’s worst mommy is right here.

Katie did not go to Starbucks this afternoon like she typically does on Friday afternoon so she could hang out with Danny for twenty minutes to allow me to hustle over to Shaffer to catch Jack do his presentation on Buffalo Bill. I had emailed his teacher to ask that he go last because I was pushing time. He went last, but I totally missed it. When I got there, right at 3:15, he was already out of his costume. Darn! So, I grab his backpack and Friday folder and head back home.

Katie called. Poor Danny is losing it. Big, big tears. Is it the cold? Does he have a headache? Is it Blues Clues? Man, I don’t know.

So, I missed my youngest son’s presentation that we worked on for a couple of weeks, my oldest son is so very sad, and my understanding daughter gave up hanging out with friends so I could completely disappoint my baby…

Damn! Just…Damn…

Tax season…


Hugh is a tax cpa and, well, its busy season. It is time to make hay. Transitioning is a tricky thing. Hugh and I are bickering a bit. Nothing too serious, just the beginning of busy season bickering. He is overwhelmed at work and we are trying to figure out a more healthy work schedule. The hours he traditionally keeps during busy season just take so much out of him. For heaven sake, last year he left the house at 2:30am. No wonder he walked around here in a fog until June. So we are trying something different this year. A later start (4am…), and longer days. He will no longer be able to take part of Sunday off. Sunday will have to be a long day.

So, here we are. The kids are having a tricky time. It takes two adults to make this household work. We have been lucky to find lots of help. Danny may go a couple of days without seeing Hugh, depending on his sleep schedule, but the other kids always get to spend a couple of minutes a day with their dad (although the closer we get to April, those minutes become quieter and quieter).

I figure this plan will work until March 1st and he panics.

I am too old to sleep where I crash…


I got out yesterday to catch the last 10 minutes of one of Falcon’s basketball games yesterday. Falcon was down 35 to nothing, but the cheerleaders looked good. Katie is definitely gaining confidence. I am glad, she is my shy by nature kid. I guess they all are.

Dan woke up last night with a nasty cough. He came downstairs and after a couple of hours, we slept on the hard family room floor. Did I mention how hard it was? I am too old to sleep where I crash.

Kate and Jack are off to school. Dan and I are hanging by the fire. I think we will stay home today, there is no way he would agree to getting out of a car. Burrr…It is grey and cold outside.

When Katie gets home this afternoon, I am dashing out to this Shaffer’s Third Grade Wax Museum. Jack has done a report on Buffalo Bill. He is doing so well in school, if we could just get the family healthy…sigh…

Stay warm today!

No wonder I am so over it…


Well, my great big pile of mulch is much, much smaller. And my attitude is much, much better. I looked back…one of the kids has been sick since Jan 25th. No wonder I am so over it. Though, you know what will happen? Everyone will be better and bouncing off the walls, when I come down with everything, all at once. Nah! I got things to do!

Hugh was one of 12,000 registrants yesterday morning for the Marine Corps Marathon. He has a bib number. Yipee! No sarcastic font intended. As much as it was tricky for the rest of us last year, it was really good for him. He needs something to train for. He doesn’t find the same relaxation I do in home improvements, he needs to run. Some days, he needs to run for quiet a long time. But it always helps.

I have been emailing Senator Bennet’s office trying to arrange tours of both the Capitol and the White House while we are there. I have erred on the side of full disclosure about Danny and his non-observation of formality. He has been known to make himself completely at home in the Governor’s office and in the mansion…oops. (I have great pictures of him spinning in the chair behind Governor Owens’ desk, luckily he was really cute) I hope it doesn’t work too much against us. We’ll see. Sometimes we can be a bit much to take.

But, we have a place to stay within walking distance of the finish line and a block from the metro. This is our “good parents” vacation. Next year, back to warm sunny beaches!

You have got to be kidding me…!


At 4am…”mom….mom…!?” Poor Jack was sick this morning. Seriously? Seriously? So….Jack is home from school, again, sheets and pillows are in the washer being sanitized again, I have canceled therapy again, and we are spending the day around the house again.

Well, I have canceled everything today but Moriah. I am still going to have her come for a bit. Katie is cheering at Falcon’s basketball game today and I would love to try to see some of it. She is having a great time with it, and putting in extra practices at night. Hopefully her grades won’t suffer…

At least I have a big pile of sticks to move today. That should keep me busy. Because, you know what? I am completely over the plague being here!

Seven robins, two woodpeckers, and three bluebirds….


There must be a dozen songbirds in my back yard. Apparently I am not the only one ready for spring.

Class pictures were today. Mr D wasn’t so thrilled about going into school this morning. But, it is important to me. So he cowboyed up. Well, sort of. He at least allowed the photographers to get six or seven shots in before he flopped to the floor in protest.

Today, the weather is lovely. I had six yards of recycled mulch delivered this morning and I was quite the busy bee today. I have fresh mulch on half of the flower beds in my back yard. That always make the yard look better!

Before the mulch went in, I was able to get some flower seeds down. I have become a seed person. I figure plants have been babied at the nurseries and I just can’t give that same level of commitment to my plants at home. This way, the seeds have no idea how much better other plants have it. If they grow, then they are totally adapted to my garden…and have no idea what they are missing. It is always fun to see what comes up every spring.