Monthly Archives: March 2011

I am so green!


Well, the Marrs family is going green. At least until mid next week. Katie and I got home from our completely girly outing (we got hi-lights) and now my car won’t start. It won’t do anything, something is up with the electrical system. So I am waiting for the tow truck to take my car to the mechanic for them to work their magic.

So, back to planning ahead, the few days I had of flying by the seat of my pants are over again. The good news is, I can take this time to move all of the plants out of the house and back onto the back porch. The temperature looks like it will be warm enough at night not to kill them, and I can always move them to the covered patio if it gets really nasty.

Yay, I love my back porch, especially when it is all green again. It’s like taking a mini vacation. Well, if you don’t mind not getting the humidity, or the sound of the ocean, or the smell (I miss the smell…), and there is no one bringing me ice-cold beverages. Ok, maybe it’s not at all like taking a vacation, but I still love my back garden.

An argument for the second dog…


So it is spring break this week, and we are dog sitting. Cocoa is making a very effective argument for having a second dog. Miss Cocoa is three, maybe four, and has the best personality. She slides right into our house with no issues what so ever. The kids even argue who she gets to sleep with.

I was so looking forward to having her around this week. Mr Mulligan needed to be put in his place. And he is there now! She has been able to accomplish what the kids have been failing miserably. Funny, funny thing. One “grrr” from her and he sits down and loses all puppy stinkiness. I just love it.

She gets to stay until the weekend. I am so glad. Hopefully he won’t forget in two days everything she has taught him.

A late-over…


I think this may be my new favorite thing! A late over! What a fantastic idea Carrie!.

So, Jack is having a storybook spring break. He, a good buddie, and a new friend are building a fort. In the green belt, near the run off, over by the school. See, there is another advantage to the dry spring. They have a “club” and Jack has been nominated to be snack guy. So, every morning, the youngest Mr Marrs packs his pocket knife, lots of snacks, and capri sun pouches. He puts his backpack and shoes next to long sticks and waits for the guys to swing by and grab him. Poor thing, he is just busting out of his skin by 10am…

So, the helicopter mom in me worries about him taking the tunnel. But then, the rest of me is so thrilled Jack is stepping out of his comfort zone. So, Mr Jack is finally pushing the envelope! Mud, cuts, scrapes, bruises, and all!



I was chatting with my dear friend Anne this afternoon. She is getting her house ready to list. We spent some time talking about homes, and how you can tell people’s personality by how they decorate their home.

There are the ones who don’t really have the time to put toward their home, mostly because they are super busy. And then there are the homes that are immaculately decorated, but a bit sterile. And then there are homes that completely reflect the personality of the people living in them. Now, not necessarily because your house has been decorated by fisher price, but because everything that is up is something you love.

When Hugh and I bought our first house, we spent some time (but not a lot of money) buying things to go into out home. Couch, table, chairs, whatever… Then the kids came. So for a while my house looked like we were just too busy to do anything, and our furniture still looked like it did in the furniture showroom.

We bought this home four years ago. It has taken some time, but now the house completely reflects the personalities of the people who live here. Very little of the furniture we have in this house, we had in our last one. I did a lot of thrift store and craigslist shopping, and nothing looks the same as it did when I brought it home. Even the back yard looks different from it did when we moved in.

Because of the nomad existence I had growing up, I think I get more of my energy from my house than the average person does (Another skill set I have is I can pack and unpack a house in 72 hours) I love my house and my back yard, even at 3am.

At lease Hugh will breathe a sigh of relief…

It’s 7:45pm…


You know what makes everything better? Girlfriends! Good girlfriends always have your back. They totally get the “voice” you husband has whenever he is sick. And how his sick time is always twice as long as the sick time you take. They have your back when you need them to run and pick up your kid, and they drop off flowers and chick-fil-a because it is one of the few places that I can feed the entire family and not have to worry about dishes.

So, here I am. Dan is socked out (we will see how long that lasts tonight…) and Hugh is hanging with Katie and Jack watching the biggest loser. Hugh and I had our annual “quit being so self involved during your busy season, we all are working 75 plus hours a week” fight. Usually we have it mid February but we always have it sometime between January and May. Only three more weeks left, right?

So, I am sitting here, glass of wine in hand watching a Glee repeat and smiling.

Thank you my dear friends…Christina, Melinda, and Anne!

It’s 10am…


Well, at least there isn’t any snow on the ground this morning. I am taking a couple of minutes and hiding from the family. Quick update, Dan ate three, yes three, plates of fries and crashed back out at 5am.

I quickly stuck Mulligan in the kennel, so he didn’t chew apart the house and lay back down myself. Jack got up at 6am but was able to quietly turn on the tv and fetch himself breakfast. (I love that they are getting to be so big!).

Hugh came down at 8am and wanted to talk about how he was feeling. So, I sat up on the couch, listened to him tell me about his really rough, long night, and then I sent him back to bed. I texted Mariah and cancelled her (no way am I going to expose this to her twice, I am still really hoping she doesn’t get it because she came over for me last week) I lay back down on the couch, hoping to squeeze in another 45 minutes.

Katie came down at 9am and announced that it was 9am, mom…I don’t think she realized that I didn’t sleep much.

So, here we are at 10am. I am still not dressed, and the house still needs to be put back together. Hopefully a quick run to the store because I am out of caffeine and the day is a go.

Again, at least the sun is out. I am sure Susie Sunshine is just right around the corner…

I am off to go and find her!

It’s 3:06am…


It is 3:06am. Danny has been up for the day since 12:15am. I have finally embraced that, yep, two hours of sleep is all I am going to be able to pull off today.

Hugh has finally gotten quiet. Hopefully he is over the worst of it. We’ll see when he makes his appearance later.

He made just an insensitive comment earlier today, or maybe it was yesterday. He commented how much easier this tax season has been than in years past. Yes, he has had an easier busy season. He is averaging working five hours less a week.

Me? Not so much. This one has been one of my harder ones. I have had almost no down time this year. We have had to find and train new people. While there have been no serious illnesses, someone has been sick in this house since mid January.

It is getting harder and harder to be Polly Positive. And if he doesn’t feel well enough to get to work, I have to cancel my help for today. Which means, I do my day on two hours sleep. And, I get to manage the behaviours that Danny is sure to have because he has been up all night on two hours sleep.

I am sure Susie Sunshine will be back when the sun rises, but it is sometimes hard to find her in the dark.

Another one bites the dust…


Hugh called me this afternoon and asked how I felt right before the flu hit. Yep, you guessed it.

Hugh got home around 3:30 and went right upstairs to quarantine. We are far enough away from when Danny got sick, that it is very possible he would get this again.

So, here we go again. Oh well, he should be back to the office tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday morning at the latest…


Just a Colorado rainshower…


Just a typical Colorado rainstorm. I just love when the blue sky comes back out.

Phindy came and took both boys to Jump Street. Jack was so thrilled to be going. I think it bothers him a bit that Danny gets to go and jump or swing and he is stuck with me. I know he sort of understands that the rules are different for his brother and Danny would much prefer to hang out with friends and go to school full-time, so he doesn’t complain. But boy oh boy, Jack sure gets excited when he gets to go too.

Katie is doing her best impression of a teenager. She was up until 11pm last night, and my kids don’t do well when they don’t get enough sleep. Finally, something they get from my side of the family. ūüėČ

First real day of spring break…


It must be spring break. No matter how lovely the weather is for weeks before, it always snows during spring break. If I skied, maybe I would be doing the happy dance, but I don’t ski. I am just wondering how I entertain the kids today, inside, in a place crowed with other kids on spring break…Is it too late to hop a plane and go visit the folks in sunny Florida…sigh…

Oh well.

Lost a kid and gained a kid last night. Kate went to hang out with a friend and ended up spending the night. Jack and his buddies were in and out all day, making the circuit of the houses in the hood, and one of them spent the night. How is it possible that when someone spends the night, it is just like your child is sleeping over at their house? Well, except for the pancake request in the morning. The kids have hit the age where playdates (although it is not called playdates anymore, it’s called hanging out…mom…) are encouraged because they are so hands off anymore.

Gotta run and fire up that grill. The boys have been poking their heads up from the basement being very patient.