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What an interesting shade of purple…


Oh my good lord.

Dan the man has been up for seventeen hours straight. Holy cow, I don’t know how he does it. I am feeling my cells age at triple the normal rate.

Dan decided to check in with me last night about midnight. I as having a tough time socking out so I was up and at ’em pretty quickly. So quickly, Hugh didn’t even know I was gone until I asked to trade at 4:00am this morning. I was able to get a solid two hours until Hugh had to start his day.

If I were a good mom, I would have kept him home with me this morning.

I was not a good mom, I needed him to see Mrs. P for a few hours this morning. I needed another couple of hours off. Not to nap, but to run to the grocery store and pick up cereal so everyone else doesn’t starve.

Anyway, it is 5:26pm and the circles under his eyes are a purple so dark it is bordering on black. Time to try to talk him into socking out for a little while….cross your fingers…and toes…

The me now vs the me then…


I was able to run away to Betsy’s lovely back deck last night. Who knew one could operate a fire pit with a simple remote…I would have spent at least twenty minutes trying to coax a fire out of newspapers and tree branches.

We chatted like we do about many things (I have already mentioned how much I adore her). One of the comments she made was how different I am now from the teenager I was.

Oh thank goodness.

While I had fun, I made some colossal mistakes. If there was a choice between playing it safe, or putting myself in a position for things to end epicly, I always leaned to the epic direction. I was so desperate to get away from how I grew up, I made some dangerous choices.

There are some days I still marvel that I made it to my twenty-fifth birthday, and I married the kind of man that I did.

So here I am now, getting ready to parent a lovely young lady who is six months from being the age I was when I started making really, really bad choices. While I have no idea how to steer her toward the better choices, I will be able to recognize the signs of when she is leaning towards the epicly dangerous ones.

At least I hope so!

And so it begins…


It’s that time of year…Katie and Jack are in school.

Danny and I are home. He is having a tough time shaking this cold, and I worry about what he may catch. So, we are spending the day, under a blanket, pushing buttons.

Oh well.

At least I was able to get everything done I needed to this week and I can spend the day disinfecting the house. Do I know how to spend my fall or what!

And so it begins….

She is officially a teenager…


Today my lovely daughter is officially a teen, although she has been doing a pretty good imitation of one for a couple of years now.

Katie is my child who will be successful in the traditional ways. She will grow up to be a lawyer, doctor, or teacher (not a cpa…she has already made that blanket statement). She has the warmest heart. And have I mentioned how gorgeous she is? Holy cow, this kid is going to take the world by storm.

Katie has always been wiser than her years. It has taken a couple of years, but I think we may have finally been successful in not relying on her to help with her brothers. She is behaving in a very typical way, thinking of herself…YAY! I know that may seem a bit strange to you average folks, but Katie spent much of her time “over helping” We are so thrilled to see her move away from that.

It occurred to me this morning that my time hanging out with her is limited, only six more years until college, and three until she is driving….

I am looking forward to the next few years (yes, I say this now…) I am looking forward to watching her step outside her comfort zone and push the limits (hopefully she falls somewhere between how Hugh and I spent our teen years).

I am so proud of the young lady she is!

My baby is ten today…


House is clean, cupcakes are made, and I have a few minutes until nine young men invade the house to help Jack celebrate his tenth birthday.

Holy cow, I am not going to lie to you, there were times during the first few years of his life that I questioned my sanity. (three kids in three years…)

But even though it was tough going for a while, I am so glad he is here. If we had waited and knew what was going on with his older brother and the genetics behind it, we might have made the choice to not risk it. Luckily, we were living in ignorance.

Jack is my incredibly intelligent, rule following, creative child.

Sometimes, he might feel like a round peg in a square hole. But he is going to do great things.

He is also my kid who chose to be a vegetarian when he was in preschool because he loved animals and only just recently added some meat back to his diet.

He is my kid of extremes. Either his smile could light up a small city, or he is letting me know about some great injustice the world had the audacity to perpetrate on him.

I am so glad he is here!

The concert…


Before I have to run up and talk Dan into school, I wanted to share how last night went.

Katie came home yesterday and dashed upstairs to get her little bit of homework done. She agreed to walk the dog for a few minutes without her usual fight with me about it. And then she grabbed her t-shirt and was bouncing around this house until it was 5:00 and time for us to pick up her friends and head downtown.

The ladies were chatting a mile a minute as we drove. We got down there, we parked, and we walked over to the entrance. After posing for pictures and spinning the wheel for prizes, it was time to walk in. Hugh flashed his driver’s license, Katie had her bag checked (“Why do they need to check my bag, mom? I don’t have anything I shouldn’t in it…”) and up the escalator she went.

Hugh and I grabbed a patio table at Brooklyn’s and we hunkered down to wait for the three hours.

We watched the crowd walk in, said hi to a few people we knew. Katie texted at 8:40 “she still isn’t on yet mom”

At 8:42 “oh wait, the lights are going out”

At 8:43 my phone rings….”MOM, MOM…Can you hear her…MOM…Can you hear…?”

Well not really, all I heard were the three of them screaming and singing off-key.

Not a bad way to celebrate turning 13…

(She called me three different times so I could hear the show) ūüôā

The kids are getting to be so big…


What a perfect Colorado fall day.

It is seventy degrees, and the sky is the color blue you only get here in Denver.

I had such a lovely chat with my dear friend Betsy this morning. I don’t know how it is possible, but after talking with her, I am glad I am a middle-aged woman (quite the feat as I approach my forty-third birthday). If I were still in my twenties, we wouldn’t be friends yet. I am a lucky lady to have such neat women in my life!

I wonder if everyone is surprised to look in the mirror as they get older. Now, I know it was almost twenty years since I moved here and decided to stay. But, the weird thing is, sometimes in my brain, I am shocked by how much time has passed. It is as if time is both linear and folded like a fan.

Katie is about to do a rite of passage this evening. I know she has no idea about how she will remember tonight even when she is an old woman like her mom. But if you ask around, everyone remembers the first concert they went to without an adult (mine was Supertramp’s Breakfast in America Tour…”so you think you’re a romeo, taking part in a picture show….take the long way home…..”).

So here she is, just a few days from being an “official” teenager and on her way tonight to see Taylor Swift with two good girlfriends and no adults (although my dear, dear friend Anne is just a couple of rows ahead of her…). And she has been asking around, they are the first of their crowd to do this.

I will tell you how it went tomorrow.

It’s the little things..


I would bet with a title like that, you are looking forward to hearing about the kisses I still steal from my lovely children.

Well, you are going to be disappointed.

This post is about being able to have a two-hour window every day during the week to run errands…Don’t judge.

So, Danny has a modified school day. He only goes to school until 11:00 am. (That is as long as he has the energy for). So, he and Kate start school at 8:00am every morning. Jack starts at 9:00am.

That leaves me two hours to get things done.

Today, I ran to the grocery store. I never take Danny with me to the store. If you think about it, where does every parent stop on their way home from the pediatrician with a runny kid just to get a few supplies while they hunker down and ride out an illness? You guessed it, the grocery store. I shudder to think what breathing that air could be exposing his compromised immune system to. So, I grocery shop when we have help, or we have it delivered if he is too under the weather for therapy. We used that service most of last winter, I remember going back to the store after five months of doing it online. What a luxury to pick out my own apples…

Then a quick run into the DMV to register my car. I know we could have done it through the mail, but there was no way it would have gotten there before the end of the month, and the DMV that is close to the house I can get in and out of pretty quickly. It is almost not worth the price of the stamp.

DMV down, Costco next. In and out for just a couple of staples.

Before you know it, it is time to come home. A quick stash of things onto the fridge so no one gets sick because the weather is so lovely. And then it is time to run and grab Danny.

For two hours every morning until Danny comes home for cold and flu season, I get to run errands just like a typical stay at home mom. There is no special arranging for help, I can get in and out of stores because I am doing it during the day. What a luxury!

It is amazing to me how the little things like being able to shop while the kids are in school can make life so much easier….

It was a furniture moving kind of day…



What a day. Dan and I spent most of the night together, just hanging out. He finally dropped at 5:00 am. Yawn, I am just too old to be keeping these hours.

Next week starts the Marrs family birthday celebrations. Katie starts with the Taylor Swift concert on Tuesday. The ladies have been decorating their t-shirts. Jack’s birthday is Wednesday. Katie’s official birthday is Thursday. And then it is mine the following week.

Hugh asked me what I would like to do. Funny thing, by the time we get done celebrating Katie and Jack’s, I am all birthdayed out and I am ready to let mine pass unnoticed. And the last thing I want to do is actually plan something else.

So,I am moving furniture.

But it looks cute…

The hit that drove in the game winning run…


I rarely get to go to the kids sports. In our division of reponsibilities of how we run Marrs Inc, Hugh does the sports. I usually hang out with Danny, although I do make it to one game a season.

So today, Jack’s bat is red hot. He had three hits during the first game. The team is down by one and it is Jack’s turn to hit again. There are runners on fist and second. He lets the first pitch go by and on the second one, he swings for the fences. The bat makes contact and it is out of there. Mr Marrs has a game winning home run.

I told Hugh he needs to just go home and bag the second game. There is no way the day could get any better. Hugh tells me about his game winning hit when he was thirteen against a team from Arvada.

What a fun day.

I would like to say I saw it.

I didn’t.

I was hanging out with Dan at home. But I was on the cell phone with Hugh when it happened and I could hear the cheering.

So proud of my slugger!