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Happy Halloween…


We are back in Mountain Time.

What a super busy day. Up at 3am eastern time, on the airplane by 6:45. In and out of Cincinnati and we arrived in Denver before 11am. Yay! Quick drive home. A run to the store, unpacking, laundry, reclaiming my house, and all was well by 3pm.


I’m tired. So is Dan, he is feeling a bit under the weather so no Halloween for him. Because of all of his allergies, we usually hand out balloons to the cul-de-sac for Danny to collect and set free. Halloween is a crap shoot for him. Sometimes we feel strong enough to trick or treat the street, sometimes not so much. This year is shaping up to be a not so much night. He is so tired. Even though the weather is just lovely, we decided to get him some balloons tomorrow.

Katie has decided she is too old to go out.

But Jack? He is ready. Although, after looking at him, I expect it will be an early night for the youngest Mr Marrs.

I think it will do us all a world of good to get a decent night’s sleep in our own bed…

Until tomorrow…

We (ok, he…) finished…


…Although we should also get credit, we were there through the training runs as well.

Our hotel is right at the finish line. Super convenient to run (or gimp) home for a shower, but not so much if you actually want to catch an afternoon back at the Smithsonian. Two hour-long lines for the metro, forty-five minute lines for the shuttle, and I never did hear how long the city block line four people deep was for the taxi que. So, time for plan b.

Plan b consisted of crossing the Potomac and checking out Georgetown. We followed the crowd. So pretty. And the highlight of Katie’s trip? Finding Georgetown Cupcakes. Sigh… Not the White House, not the Capitol, not the Supreme Court, not the National Archives… the place where DC cupcakes is made.

Did I already sigh?

We are home now, Dan is not tolerating the cold at all.

That’s ok, the shuttle for the airport arrives here tomorrow morning at 3:45am.

I think I need a few days off from our vacation…

It’s snowing….grrr….!


We are sitting in the hotel watching the snow come down.

Yesterday, after nap time, we decided to get back out and take advantage of the still night to see the monuments. We started at the White House, walked past the Old executive Offices, past the Washington Monument, over to the World War Two Memorial, past the Reflecting Pool that isn’t there right now, through the Korean Memorial, we said hi to President Lincoln, and finished the evening at the Vietnam Memorial.

That last one was the one I had trouble with.

I spent the first six years of my life on an army base, so my first memories are military related. Reveille, the PX, being waved through the gate, stopping for taps at the end of the day, and the gentlemen whose job it was to deliver bad news to families. I met my dad when I was nine months old, when he came home from his first tour in Vietnam. He was home for a bit and then he went back to serve a second one. That particular war was very intertwined in the first years of my life. So, I had a bit of trouble visiting that particular memorial.

After a decent night’s sleep, we thought we would spend the day hitting all the museums (today’s weather is a bit yucky) Sounds like a great plan, right?

If Disney is the most accommodating for persons with disabilities, the old buildings in DC are the other end of the spectrum. Now, that doesn’t mean they aren’t accessible…they are. Or that the people who work in them aren’t helpful and friendly…they are. It’s just, there is rarely a ramp or elevator close to the main entrance. Not a big deal when the weather is good, but if the weather is bad, or you have a kids who struggles with the cold…it is not a recipe for a fantastic experience. We bailed and are spending the day close to the hotel.

There is always tomorrow. While it still is supposed to be chilly, at least it should be dry.

Until later….

more DC oct 28th (I think)…


…and I am just too darn lazy to hop up and check the date on my cell phone.

I am sitting here in the corner of the hotel room, Danny is snoring softly on the couch, Hugh and the other two kids have just left to go and get his bib number for Sunday’s race…just a typical busy day.

We started early, again. We had a Tour at the White House scheduled at 7am, so that mean an early start for the family, because it seems to take us three times as long to get anywhere than the average person. It was cold, and we decided to leave D’s big stroller at home. I thought he could take the exercise, time of day was totally working for us. Not so much. I forgot to take into account the energy used to try to keep warm. Poor kid. His color was so bad by the time we entered the building but he rallied and hung out with me while we looked at pictures and the different rooms. Only twice did he decide to test the seriousness of the ropes, once in the library and once in the red room (I think he really really liked the way the couches looked…) We managed to get out without incident…phew!

So, back to the room for breakfast and to grab the stroller.

He was a much happier camper when we went to the capitol. I arranged for a staff lead tour. Absolutely perfect. We were able to see it at our own speed and pace (well, once we decided he and I really didn’t need to watch the movie…) Danny likes to see and do new things. As long as you give him novel (and pretty) things to look at, he is so very happy to just sit and hang out. We talked about so much today, he and I. Something I will never take for granted because we have worked so hard to “talk”. I love having a conversation with him . I especially love how he interrupts his brother or sister to get my attention. We spent an hour and a half, just walking around with this patient young kid from Denver. Totally worth the arrangements we made six months ago.

We walked around that area for a bit and then back to the metro for a stop at Chick-fil-a. After a full tummy, Mr D was signing “home, sleep, and please” over and over until we were back at the Rosslyn station.

So here we are, in a quiet room. I have another 15 minutes or so until the laundry is done down the hall. If I am lucky, I might be able to grab it quick without getting him up and catch a quick power nap myself.

And we thought the people in Chicago were friendly…


Hello there from the east coast. After a super crazy busy day of travel, we are settling down for the night.

I am sitting here in the dark, hoping mr d socks out. Fingers crossed. The day started bright and early at 3am. Our flight was at 6am this morning and it just takes that kind of time to get out the door. The kids really tried their best to be not cranky. For the most part we succeeded.

One of the things we realized today was how much we have become reliant on the rocky mountains to help us find our way around. The Rockies are always west, so you know which way you should be headed. Problem with that is we left the rockies at home. So today, we struggled a bit with the geography. And apparently looked lost while doing it, so many different people today went out of their way to help out the family that was clearly from out of town. Super, super friendly.

Poor kids, we logged quiet a few miles on our shoes today. For example, we went hunting for the closest chick-fil-a. It took us forty five minutes of wandering from the metro station to actually ordering fries. Yep, it should have taken less than three minutes. It is amazing how lost you can get when you turn right instead of left.

After lunch, we decided to head downtown and see the Washington momument. Jack was quiet vocal about being tired and ready to vege in front of the tv in the hotel room. But we asked himmto rally. He went along…with a grumpy face. We got off at the right metro stop and while we were on the train, weather blew in. Holy Ike, we got caught in a down pour. Super fun to chat with all sorts of people under an overhang at the gift shop of the Washington monument.

So, the story of the trip so far is “Jack was right”. And how thrilled do you think he was when we gave him credit?

Everyone is down now. I am waiting on Dan so I can call it a night. We have a turnoff the White House at 7am tomorrow…it will be another early one. Hopefully, it will be a dry one.

Until tomorrow…



Phew…what a busy, busy day.

I think I may have discovered why Danny like to travel so much. I just finished making Danny friendly pigs in a blanket, two dozen chocolate chip cookies, and half a dozen chocolate cupcakes… We always travel with enough food to feed him for a day and a half (just in case we get stranded somewhere) And, because I need him to be a happy camper, I pack his favorites. Nothing reinforcing at all about chocolate chip cookies…

I panicked a bit this morning. I am trying to do this trip with just carry ons The hotel has a laundry room, so there was no reason to over pack. Sounded like a great idea until I packed up the stuff we need for Dan. Not the stuff that will make the trip smoother, just the stuff we need. Holy cow. However, the rest of us combined don’t require as much space, so I am better. I figure it is on of the five panic attacks that will happen between this afternoon and sunset at the Lincoln Memorial tomorrow.

Off to the red box and the pharmacy….

This morning…


Here is the visual. An eleven year old red-headed boy in blue footie pj’s with some pretty serious bed head, walking down the stairs with sleepy eyes, signing his little heart out.











So, the little peanut is downstairs, with his treasures, and iPod. He has taken his fries downstairs and is having his breakfast on his swing.

Mom scores!

It is amazing what makes me a happy camper…


I am the proud new owner of two, yes two, hooks in my basement ceiling for therapy swings….YAY!

Ok, ok. I get how completely lame it sounds. In no universe would the average person be excited for a place to hang OT swings, but I, my friend, am not your average person. I am a parent of a special needs kid. And things like OT swings can put me in a great mood.

Just in time for the weather to change.

A storm is supposed to blow in later tonight and still be here tomorrow. I have already decided to keep Danny home from school tomorrow. He has such a hard time with the cold weather, there is no reason to make him grumpy the day before we are about to ask him to be good on a flight to DC. So, tomorrow morning, he gets to stay in PJ’s. I expect he will be thrilled to hang out with mom, under a blanket, while we watch the snow…yep, they are predicting snow.

Oh well, summer couldn’t last forever…



I am sitting here in the dark hoping Mr D calls it a day. Shh…don’t tell anyone, but sometimes it is quite the treat to just sit here in the dark. And because I am trying to get Dan to sleep for a couple of hours, the world leaves me alone for a bit. Rats….he is up!

We have been up and down the stairs three times now. Keep your fingers crossed…

Busy day of doing a whole lot of nothing. Except I heard from the wish people. A quick recap. Danny turns thirteen over Thanksgiving of 2012 and we have booked a four night Disney cruise. Yay! Super fun, one of the most accepting places on earth, right on down to the dietary restrictions. Anyway, I thought it would be a neat idea if we could get Micky Mouse to help him celebrate his birthday and I started talking to wish people. Now you should know, Danny is stable and we are paying for the trip. That said, I found an organization willing to make a few calls. Paperwork turned in (you know, to verify we are who we say we are and dealing with what I said we were dealing with). I heard back from them this afternoon. At the minimum, Disney has designated that trip as a wish trip. I guess he gets surprises and treasures to help make the stay more memorable. We are still working on the character visit.


Well sort of…same feeling I had when we found out we still qualify for help from the state. But it will pass.