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Girls just want to have fun…


It was another Gleeful Tuesday. Might be one of my favorite things to do, to get together with the gals and watch Glee. There is no drama, wine is required, makeup is optional. Super fun. Even if I had to stalk Melinda to get her to run away from home last night. Hee, hee.

We are in full homebound mode. Dan is just refusing to do much of anything. Poor kid, so sleepy. If we can keep him away from the germs, he should be in a pretty good place, energy level wise, after Christmas. If he happens to get sick, all bets are off. So, back to doing things like having our groceries delivered to keep our exposure level down. I don’t know how people did this before you could get everything online.

Dan decided that he really, really missed me last night. He checked in with me at an ungodly hour. But he settled back down after a bit. We were able to snuggle in the big bed. He would grab me by the neck, snuggle up, dose. Then he would wake up and we would start this all over again. I think he finally dropped about 5:00am. So, I got a pretty decent hour before it was time to get up and rally the rest of the house to start the day.

I expect it is another quiet day here. Weather is supposed to blow in, so I am expecting a tricky day with Dan. it’s a good thing I am still mentally in Phoenix…

Deck the halls….


I didn’t get around to posting yesterday, we had an unexpected 65 degree day here. So when we weren’t decking the halls, I was outside soaking up the warm.

Anyway, Christmas is not my favorite holiday. I do not have warm, fuzzy childhood memories of family togetherness. But, I am older now, with my own family. So, now, while it is not my favorite holiday, it no longer sends me into a three-day panick attack.

Accidentally, Hugh and I started a tradition when we were dating (living together) We stared buying tree ornaments every time we would go somewhere. The silly bird is from a trip to Mexico we took 17 years ago. The trolley car was from our road trip to San Fransisco we took for my 25th birthday (just recently…) Our Christmas tree is not color coordinated with lovely ribbon and matching glass ornaments. Our tree is filled with memories…of the kids’ milestones, or of trips we have taken. Every single thing on our tree has a story behind it.

Complete with toilet paper roll angles Katie and Danny made in Miss Chris’s preschool class.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Just a typical busy day….


Holy cow, what a busy day yesterday.

I went shopping, in my pjs and slippers, I have never been a fan of the crowds so I do almost all of my Christmas shopping online.

Katie now has new hair. Love spend the couple of hours, just the ladies.

Managed to make our turkey dinner. Complete with stuffing, green beans, potatoes, and chocolate pie.

Danny spent the day asking for sausage. We made the mistake of taking him to king soopers for his birthday and buying two boxes of sausage. We only let him eat one of the boxes. Since then, we have been arguing over the remaining box…sigh….

On the plus side, magic referral letters came in the mail yesterday. We get to make our annual treck to Cleveland to see Dr N. Absolutely rediculous system. Can’t just make the appointment, you must have the referral. And the referral takes 6 weeks to process because it isn’t emergent. So you get the magic number…you call an book your appointment for 6-8 months out. Downside, referral number is only good for 2 of those months so you have to keep renewing it every two months, because if you let it lasp, and just get a new referral number six weeks out from your appointment, the billing department just can’t take it.

Fun fun stuff.

Anyway, another quiet day here. Enjoy yours…



Well, here are almost a year since I started this little blog and last night we passed 30k hits.

Kind of mind-boggling to me that on 30,000 different occasions someone took time out of their life to visit ours.


Thanksgiving is in a couple of days. I haven’t decided if we are having turkey that day or not, it is also Dan’s 12th birthday. I do know we will be having balloons, candles, and cake.

So, I am thankful for my life. It has been bumpy at times, but it is turning out to be a wonderful one.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.

Just a typical no sleeping day…


I could do a post about hanging out with dan for most of the night, I have a picture from 3:00am (love the new iPhone). But I decided instead to share what is blooming in my house on this chilly 30 degree morning.

Oh, what the heck, here we are at 3:00am…he still looks that tired:


A piece of French bread to wipe my bowl….


Happy Sunday. Lovely sunrise in Ken Caryl this morning.

I watched it this morning while I was putting together gumbo for this evening’s dinner group.

Yes, dinner group. I am also in a bunco, book club, and ladies only cooking group. I am leading a typical entitled suburban housewife life. Well, except for the 18 different pills my middle child needs every single morning.

It is interesting to me how I have managed to straddle both the disability world and the typical one. Although, I don’t fit completely in either one. But I love them both.

So, gumbo. I love gumbo. What is not to love that starts it’s recipe with fried anything? Hugh and I went to Jazz Fest a long time ago. When we were dirt poor. Best time ever. Between the smells, the music, and the beverages…super fun. I actually had more fun at Jazz Fest than the other times I went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras (I did have a life before marriage and children…)

Ok, enough of that. I am off to try to find some bluesy music on Pandora…