Monthly Archives: December 2011

It’s a date night …


Although I haven’t mentioned it to Hugh yet.

No reason to, he is not my date this evening. My dear friend Renee is in town visiting. We are hitting the town for a drink. Maybe even something to snack on as well.

What we do and where we go isn’t important. (ok, it is a little bit) What is important…I get to catch up with one of my very favorite people.

Time to find my fun shoes!

I love nights like tonight that just happen!

Dance like no one is watching…


Well, you can check off one of the life lessons I wanted to teach the kids. The dance like no one is watching lesson.

Some folks find them selves transported back to a simpler time with smells.

Not me.

I find comfort in sounds. The sound of the ocean, or seagulls. Since I live we live in Ken Caryl Colorado, not much of that is handy. You know what is handy? Music. Depending on what I need the music to do, is the type of music I listen to. If I feel the need not to be so old, Lady Gaga is my choice. If I am just needing some background noise to my day, the Zac brown Band or Kenny Chesney. But if I need to blow off some steam and remember a time when my life wasn’t dictated by doctors and therapists…that my friend will have the big hair rock bands bellowing from the speakers. All require the kids stop what they are doing and dance it out. Now, I don’t dance well. It is not a talent of mine. But, as I have gotten older, I have given up the idea that I should wait until I dance better to dance at all. Now I just dance. And if you don’t want to watch middle aged me dancing around my kitchen to Highway to Hell, walk out of the room.

Jack, on the other hand, has some moves…

525,600 minutes


364 days ago, I went “public” with our life. The reasons aren’t really that important, but now this is a habit. Some days you will see more into our lives than others depending on how much I need the distraction.

I ran into Nicola the other night. She asked me when I was going to write my book.

I find it odd that anyone finds our life interesting.

You know, people ask all the time, how we do what we do. We just get up and do it. This is our reality. We don’t know a different one. And sometimes (most times) we are flawed. We make mistakes. But like you, we do the best we can with the cards we are dealt. Sometimes we get to keep the pot, but most of the time we are just trying to stay in the game.

So, you can measure our life in sleepless nights, smiles, sunrises, and tears.

Just like yours.

Thank you for checking in with us.

Hopefully you will stay for another year.




Morning all.

Dan is up and has been for a bit. Luckily he has consented to pop in headphones.

I have decided we could teach a class on how to get people to spill their guts.

You see, Dan really likes to watch the same part of a movie over and over again.

Annoying when in English, but did you know that you can find movie clips in different languages on YouTube? You haven’t lived until you happen to hear barney, the big purple dinasour’s message of love and acceptance in a different language. Pair Chinese Barney with lack of sleep- you could get even the most conservative of folks to tell you their deepest darkest secret.

But this morning, we have our headphones in.

Our home is so much quieter with earbuds.

Happy pop the question day….


Happy December 23rd.

Sixteen years ago, while we were getting ready to met Hugh’s extended family downtown for ice skating and dinner, Hugh cornered me in our tiny kitchen in our “garden level” condo and proposed.

That may have been the one and only time I was on ice skates.


Happy pop the question day!

Happy snow day….


Not for the kids, they are home on Christmas break. (sorry, winter break).

It’s a snow day for Hugh. He has decided that 10 plus inches of snow we got overnight was a pretty decent reason to play hooky from work. Now, he did try to go in but the roads are just terrible. And since there is rarely an accounting emergency on December 22nd, he has chosen to hang with us. At least until the roads are better. I expect there will be a quick run in this afternoon once the weather clears.

Last night when it started snowing, Vicki and I were in ikea. You know the best time to walk through ikea? The evening when 8 to 10 inches is forecasted. Although, getting there and back was slow going. But the place was nice and quiet. I was able to pick up some super cute throw pillows. But now we have “given the mouse a cookie” and I see painting the walls in my fairly immediate future.

Oh well.

Enjoy your day!


Happy December 21….


It is the tenth anniversary of Danny’s autism label.

But instead of telling you how it was to be sitting on that cold tile floor with my two year old in my lap listening to words like moderate autism, intensive early intervention, I can’t tell you what the prognosis is, and kids who’s families can’t afford to pay do without…I am going to tell you about dan’s visit to his grandparent’s house yesterday.

They walked in and Dan made a bee line upstairs like he does. After a while, though he came back down and found the big recliner. He made himself completely at home, and started telling Hugh and his parents about the train. He made eye contact. He spoke (signed) in 4 word sentences. He helped decorate their Christmas tree and properly labeled the ornaments he was given. He even sat with his brother and sister patiently and said “eeee” when grandma took his picture. And when he was ready to go, he politely asked (signed) go, car, home, tired.

That my friend is something that took us a long time to teach. But it is a beautiful thing to behold.

He started so far down that dark ugly hole, but you should see him now!