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Sleep? Who needs sleep…


Well, good morning sunshine! Although, it is four or so hours until sunshine makes an appearance.

But that’s ok.

Do you have any idea how much you can get done if you keep these kinds of hours? But, to be truthful, I do start to crash about 3:00 in the afternoon until I catch my second wind about 6:00pm.

I used to be the gal who would get cranky and out of sorts if I didn’t get at least ten hours of sleep. Sigh. Those were the days.

Now I am so thrilled if I can pull of six hours. Not everyday thrilled, but I can’t believe how great I feel…like I just spent three days at the beach thrilled.

Oh well.

I will check in again in a few hours…

Why I don’t watch some TV shows…


So, I was hanging out last night. I was lucky enough to sneak upstairs for a nap yesterday afternoon, so sleeping last night was a bit tricky. I hopped onto Hulu and ended up checking out Fox’s new show Touch.

Now, I wouldn’t normally do something like that. It took years for me to watch Parenthood, the characters hit too close to home. But I was in a Susie Sunshine place and gave it a go.

Silly, silly woman. Yep, there is a reason why I don’t watch shows like that, even if it does have Keifer Sutherland (who I just love, by the way)

I forget how different our life is from the typical families.

I honestly forget.

But watching the first 20 minutes of that show, I was reminded very quickly that the average person doesn’t need to call 911 when their 10-year-old walks out the door. Or, how I live in a constant state of fear the Child Services may come a knocking at my door. Now, it isn’t a “I can’t function or I don’t answer my door when the bell rings” fear…but a nagging, “it’s always just under the surface” fear.

So, don’t mind me as I try to find my Zen today.

I will be the lady at Red Rocks with her music through her ear buds at an incredibly loud volume, so that if you pass me, you will also be able to hear Highway to Hell.

TGIF… (a day late)


I meant to do this yesterday, but it was just Dan and I for the day. And since he didn’t sleep the night before, I was having a tricky time focusing…

This week I was able to:

Get to Red Rocks a few times…

I was able to catch sunrise every morning.

I have turned the corner with Katie (for now anyway)

I was able to have a playdate with my dear friend Betsy…twice!!!

I got to book club (after finishing the book!)

I was able to catch up with a longtime friend by phone.

I successfully was able to help Jack complete 4th grade homework (ok don’t judge, they are learning division differently than I did a thousand years ago)

I achieved super mon status by replacing Danny’s dead itouch within a day.

Dan went swimming and discovered he really enjoys chewing on ice.

And I was able to play with friends to celebrate Carrie’s 39th birthday. Happy Birthday my dear friend.

Not bad for a homebound week.






Danny’s collection.


Danny has always collected things. In his mind things come in sets. Red always comes with yellow, orange, blue, green, and purple. And cows come with horses, pigs, chickens, and sheep.

You can tell what or who he is thinking of by what makes it into his bag. You actually have to watch him kind of carefully when out shopping. There have been times when I don’t notice he has picked something up until a few days have passed and I can’t remember what store he may have picked that up in for me to go back and pay for it.

Today, the picture of the three kids next to grandma’ Christmas tree has been added to the collection.



Simply Human…


I was told this evening by a dear old friend that I handle my impossible caregiver roll with grace and dignity.

Have I shared with you how very much I hate that?!

Ok, yes, there are the moms which made for tv movies are based on.

And then there are the rest of us.

The moms of the special kids (i think of all three of them as special, by the way) where all we are trying to do is get our kids to adulthood with the minimal amount of therapy needed, for all of us… We are the ones who value our book and bunco groups. Where we need it to remember who we were before kids. And while we love our lives, now, there is a piece of us that needs to channel the person we were once.

So, please don’t judge us… Ok, well me (because i wouldn’t even presume to speak for anyone else), We are not a life waiting to made into a movie. We are just living our lives. Some of us just happen to have many more professionals in our lives than others.

We are Simply Human.



Tonight we hosted our cooking group. We decided to explore Greek cuisine this evening. Complete with breaking the plates!

“It is a word or pronouncement of celebration; the celebration of life itself.
It is another way of expressing joy and gratitude to God, Life, and others, for bringing us into the state of ultimate wisdom; that all that really matters is health, family, and friends.
It is a humorous affirmation that you’re the best; that you’re where you’re supposed to be; and that you need to stop and celebrate. …
It is the Greeks’ way of stating they have come to a level of serene exuberance able to enjoy life as children. … In a state where having been fed, and having quenched our thirst, and having enjoyed the pleasure of uniting with others, we have filled with hope and confidence that life abounds with all that we need, … and that food will always be there, … and so, we break the plates, … because tomorrow there will be more. … And we light a fire and dance around it as a symbol of the warmth that surrounds us. … and …
We break the plates as a way of saying thank you to those that helped us reach a state of celebrating our life, … as a way of saying thank you to the music that brought peace to the world, … and we break them to honor the one that’s dancing, as we kneel in front of them and look up to them exclaiming : Oooopa !!! …”







OPA !!!!!

Our 10 year anniversary….


“My first ‘work’ time with Danny, he cried for the first 30 min just @ MY presence:( I played with the ball & eventually he came over to play. We played for the next hour & I threw in some looking, matching, & puzzles but I only took data on the looking because it was so good!!! Overall it was a good time.”

Ten years ago, when I was standing amongst the ruins of the world I thought we had built…in walks this young, newly married woman. She would drive up, and my little two-year old toddler who shut out the world would know she arrived and begin screaming and tantruming before she even rang the bell. God love her, she still continued to come. I was so desperate for anything positive, and she would give it to me. If most of the session was Danny arguing and ignoring her, she would always tell me when she was able to reach him for a few minutes at a time.

When everyone else was telling me everything Danny couldn’t do, by focusing on the small things he could do…Anna gave me hope

She has now been a part of our lives for ten years. Longer than a lot of marriages last.

She is Danny’s best friend. He has even forgiven her when she leaves to go on vacation, or have her own two children.

When he was at his must shut off from the world, I would picture him in this deep and dark hole with no idea how which direction was out. And there was Anna, a bit a time, coaxing him to follow her out.

She gave me back my baby. Who can blow out candles, and hunt for Easter eggs, and ask for pretty much anything he wants. (Especially sausage and chickens…oye vey)

Because of Anna (and everyone who has been here through the years) I have, in a lot of ways, a very typical 12-year-old little boy.

Anna gave me hope.

She’s not only Dan’s best friend, she’s also one of mine.

Thank you for staying! We all love you sweetie!

It’s a bunco night….


It’s a bunco night! Yippee. And it looks like I am going to be able to run away from home to hang out with 15 of my favorite women.

Ok, ok.

Don’t judge.

For years, my only social interaction was with the twenty year old ladies that worked with Danny…as they would leave I would spend a few minutes chatting about their lives. That was it. I actually thought I lost the ability to make and maintain friendships.

I have been apart of this group for five years now. I see most these ladies a few times a month in the winter, and a few times a week in the summer. Never underestimate the value of surrounding yourself with women. I only need (and yes, I actually mean need) an hour or two with any combination of the ladies in my life to keep me off the Prozac.

Of everywhere Danny could have been placed to attend elementary school, we were so lucky to land here.

Now if only Carrie brings her wine purse, my day will be complete.