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Conversation with Danny on this 75 degree day…


Now Mr Dan is nonverbal. We speak in a combination of signs (both ASL and made up signs) and word approximations.

One of the words that is always (always has been) clear is “mom”

So here are the highlights of today’s conversations.

D: “mom” “swim”

Me: “buddy it’s March. Pools aren’t open yet. Another couple of months”

D: “mon” “swim please swim swim swim please” “peee”

Me: “sweetie I know it feels like summer but it’s not summer yet. Just spring break. Pools are still closed”

D: (as he stomps his little heals…)
“swim swim swim please swim”

Me: “buddy, you are not listening. The pools aren’t open yet ”

D: “ice”

Me: “you bet…”

We have had this conversation three different times today….

I don’t blame him. If Colorado is going to have March weather that does its best impression of the weather we see in June…a trip to the pool seems like a logical request.

Boy, is he going to be bummed when snow comes back on Monday.

Me too.

TGIF Spring Break week….


I am sitting outside in the sunshine listening to Kenny Cheney soaking up the vitamin d and realizing I haven’t done this yet.

We were on spring break this week. And the weather is just amazing. More like June than March. So there was a bunch of channeling summertime this week.

Jack spent time with his friends creating a new fort. It’s in the greenbelt right next to his buddy Dominick’s house. It is only a matter of time before that disappears. But for now, he is having an amazing week in magical ken caryl.

Katie has been your typical 13 year old lady. But without the attitude. Friends, texting, homework, chatting with a boy….just your every day 13 year old stuff.

We haven’t seen much of Hugh. Only two and a half more weeks until busy season is over. I honestly couldn’t tell you what he had been up to.

Danny has been doing his impression of a lizard. Spending most of his time outside, on the swing and asking me to sing.

When I wasn’t singing in a very off key voice I was able to run away to red rocks for some big blue sky zen time. The weather must be good, it was crowded all week. A band was practicing on the stage this after noon. Not a let’s make sure we tailgate before the show starts band… A high school marching type band. They weren’t half bad. They were loud.

That’s it. Just another week closer summer. Ten more weeks of school…

I love summer!

Guess what I am doing five weeks from today…


I am spending the day at Shaffer. 2nd day of field day for jack. But you know what happens that afternoon?

I am blowing this popsicle stand for the beach.


Don’t judge. I have been hanging out with d all night listening to him surf YouTube. He loves to watch Barney in a foreign language. Jeepers. The only thing helping me hang on to my sanity is pandora and this silly beach trip.

Five weeks.

Just beside myself

No YouTube screeching Chinese barney.

I went back and read that. It sounds as if I am a cranky camper. I’m not. Just tired. So looking forward to sleeping for as many hours as I can in a row. Getting up. Throwing on a suit, grabbing my kindle heading down to the sand. And then napping in the sun while I don’t read my book.


Here is the song I have landed on as my running away from home theme.

Danny has been listening to

Over and over again since 2:00am.

See why I need Pandora?

Off to officially start my day…

Mom, can I go with you…


As we were coming home from old navy, Katie pipes up with “mom, can I go with you next time you run at red rocks”


Ok sure.

When we parked at the bottom of the stairs she walks over, looks up, looks at me “seriously?!”

Yep. Here we go.

She made it to the tunnel on the downward jog before she petered out.


I am in better shape than my 13 year old cheerleader daughter.

Did I say Ha?!



Baseball practice…


Like most families with more than one child, we sometimes find it tricky to balance everyone’s activities.

And like most families with a child that has special needs, we do what we can so the needs of the one don’t interfere too much with the activities of the others.

We have actually gotten pretty good about it through the years although sometimes it is easier than others. The kids have gotten used to how we do things. We have divided and conquered these responsibilities. Dad does sports, I do room mom. I catch the musicals and plays during the daytime performances they will do for the school, dad catches to ones after work.

Sometimes, especially during this time of year, it can be a bit trickier. But it still works out.

Jack (10) is playing spring ball. Dad happens to be an assistant coach. Once Hugh’s busy season is over, this gets easier, but right now practice is on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:30 until 7:00. Not a big deal, right? Well, it still is one of the worst times of day for Dan (12). He never outgrew the witching hour he would have a toddler.

But, with the entire family pitching in, we make it work. Katie (13) schedules her life around Jack’s practices as well. Allowing me to hop in the car with Jack, drop him to dad at the park, run home and get Dan settled down, back in the car to pick up Jack, so Hugh can go back to the office for a few more hours of work.

This is so much better than how it used to be done. It is nice that the kids are bigger and Katie can be in charge for a little bit. Actually, she’s great at it. She is so good at it we are being careful to not rely on her too much and allowing her to have her own life as well.

Off to rally the troops…

Wildfire yesterday…





So there are the pictures from the north fork wild fire yesterday. It looked closer than it actually was.

But the smoke was intense. Keeping us inside the house.

For those of you who have been thinking about it- the fire was almost exactly between our home and the Marrs cabin. And not moving towards it.

click here for map of burn area

So, except for throwing together all of danny’s meds in a bag just in case… It was an uneventful evening.

Holy wind batman….


Happy first day of spring break.

I love spring break. Always have. I expect it is because I spent so much of my growing up years on the coast.

Spring Break was the signal that there was only two more months until summer. And with summer came daily beach trips. It didn’t matter if you couldn’t get there until after dark. You always managed to get there.

So here we are. Our first day of spring break. And for the first time since I started paying attention to it, we are not forecasted to get three days of wet, either in a rain shower or in a snow storm. As a matter of fact, today is supposed to be the worst of it.

And even with the wind, it is still pretty warm.

But poor poor mr mulligan. He does not care for the wind. Nope. The silly 83 pound puppy keeps doing his best impression of a lap dog.

Silly boy!

So we are all inside, hanging out. I am trying to read my book around the big yellow lab. Jack and his friend are downstairs playing wii. Kate is watching some wedding dress show. And Dan is on the computer.

What a great day!


TGI Sunday…..


I know, I know. It’s a few days late. But have you heard? The weather out here in colorful Colorado has been just spectacular. Most of my time has been spent outside. Not in front of a computer.

So this week on Marrs:

I was able to successfully complete teacher appreciation week. Don’t judge. Traditionally that is a tricky week for Dan and I have a hard time getting to school.

Danny attended school. Yay. And he even stopped complaining about the unfairness of attending.

Katie and I had some really great talks. I mention those because I sure they are going to come to a screeching halt.

Jack is jack. Baseball, frisbee golf, and hanging with friends ruled his life last week.

I was able to catch up with an old friend. Yay!

I went to a movie, in a theater, with popcorn!

I saw every beautiful sunrise.

I was able to get to red rocks and see how metro Denver is greening up.

I spent most of the week outside soaking up the healing vitamin d.

One more week closer to the beach.

Enjoy your Sunday. You will find us outside again today!


Hunger Games vs Twlight


Last night i was lucky enough to hang out with Betsy. It was her oldest daughter’s birthday and to celebrate, she took a bunch of squealing young women to see the Hunger Games. It was fabulous. I always have such fun when we hang out.

The movie was awesome. You know, because of our life i only get out to see a movie in the theaters with popcorn once every four or five years. This one was totally worth it. Percy Jackson? Not so much

At the end of the evening we spent 15 minutes wandering the parking lot because I couldn’t find my car. Shhh. Don’t comment on that please. Geographically challenged. Seriously geographically challenged.


Katie and I had a fun chat on the way home. You need to remember I am trying to raise a strong independent woman. We had a whole conversation about hunger games vs twilight. I find Bella from Twilight to be a whiny “oh woe is me” type of female lead. I so prefer Katniss. She is strong, brave, and isn’t looking to be rescued by a guy. And then we went to mulan vs Cinderella (or snow white). The highlight? When I decided to break out into song. “someday my prince will come…”

Ok ok. Not my best work.

But I need her to be convinced she doesn’t need a man to take care of her, that she decides to partner because she loves him.

You have absolutely no idea how hard that lesson is to teach!



“mom, so how bad is mito…?”


It’s Friday. And normally you would get a recap of the week.

We were all sitting at the kitchen table yesterday doing homework. Katie asks for help because she doesn’t understand genes they are going over in science. Why would she? Genes are complicated. I have a nursing degree so I help with science. Sometimes it is hard for me to not “over explain” but we always manage to get to a place where she understands the concept.

So genes. I explained why the all ended up with my hazel eyes instead if their dad’s blue eyes. And then I bring it back around to Danny and mito. Danny does not have maternally inherited mito, he has a fluke of genetics mito.

After a bit if explaining, the ah-ha light went off for Katie.

But Jack was really quiet. (if you knew Jack, you would know he is never quiet. And to think one upon a time, we were worried because he spoke late)

“Mom, so, how bad is mito…?”

He hasn’t asked that question before.

I have a “always tell the kids the truth when they ask” policy.

So how do I answer him? Do I rattle of the statistics? Nope… They are so depressing. Do I tell him Danny will be fine? Nope, the kid remembers everything I say as law. And I can’t promise that. Do I tell him about all of the brave little warriors who have lost their battle with this vile disease? Oh good lord, no! This is the same kid that makes me catch the mice that end up in the house so we can set them free. (yellow jackets too!)

So how do I answer?

Katie is watching me carefully too.

I decide to go with the truth.

“Jack, your brother right now is doing well. But it is so important to make sure we don’t make him sick or over tire him so he stays that way.”

“But mom, how bad is mito?”

“Honey, , for some kids it can be awful. But so far, that isn’t the case here …”


You will get the week’s recap tomorrow.