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I’m kind of a savant…


Well, I am hanging out with Dan this afternoon. He is singing along with Barney right now.

I am kind of a Barney/Wiggles/Signing Time/Blues Clues/Dora/Sesame Street savant.

I can name that Barney song in five notes or less. (Yes, I just dated myself…shhh…) It doesn’t even have to be in English. I am especially proficient in Portuguese Barney.

Super fun I tell you!

It’s all good. Those folks helped us teach Danny imitation. And it has become a form of communication.

Because D is non verbal… Do you know how he tells us he loves us? Or is sorry?

He grabs my hand and starts to sway until I break out into Barney’s “I love you…”

It would melt the most cynical heart.

And what it does to mine? Nothing but goo.

So totally worth the rest of it.

What he is watching this very minute.

He is singing Old McDonald


Tell me about your son…


I got an email this morning talking about a bunch of stuff. None of those details are going here. But there at the end…was a quick ” tell me more about your son and your journey.”

How do you even start to answer that?

There is so much. Way beyond a quick email answer. It even surpasses chatting over tea.

It takes years of knowing me and my family for you to get an inkling about our life and truly appreciate how incredibly special having Danny is.

And, I feel that way about all three kids.

How to describe all of what I have learned from this kid in an email.

I have been thinking about it for most of the day. I am so stumped, it became a blog title.

So….Danny is my beautiful redheaded boy with more challenges that should be listed but the joys in everything he does is as remarkable. That we take nothing he does for granted down to blowing out candles because of how hard he has worked his whole life. That he is the kid on a road trip not buried in a movie and telling me about the different scenery outside. He is the boy who charms everyone he meets if they stop and give him a few minutes so he can get to know and trust them.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Holy cow.

No wonder I have been at a loss as how to answer.

What a good week on Marrs….


Well, it’s Friday.

And you know what that means?

It’s time for my weekly TGIF.

It was a good week.

We started by catching up with friends we haven’t seen in months. And meeting new ones. The best part? We were able to do it outside without benefit of tarps.

Danny attended school with out complaining every day this week. And since he didn’t have testing or conferences he was able to go all five days this week.

Katie and I continue to still connect. I comment on it because I am sure it will end soon. But I am loving it while it lasts. She is such a neat kid with a super warm heart.

Jack’s life was dictated by baseball. But, he got the game ball last Sunday. He is coming into his own. It is lovely to see the confidence grow like it is. He has had such a great growing year.

Hugh got a bib number for the NYC Marathon. He is a happier person when there is a plan and a training plan. It totally helps dealing with the stress of his job. Win win all the way around.

I was able to zen every day this week. The deer have been out in full force causing my times to suffer because I stop to take pictures. I am still amazed I live in a place that has deer.

I hope your week was uneventfully spectacular.

Or eventfully spectacular.

Either way!






Packing in my head….


Yes, my dear friend Carrie, this is for you.

One week.

In one week the biggest decision I am going to have to make is where to stop for dinner.

One more week.

Would you like to know the best part?

The weather might just cooperate !

So you know what that means, Carrie?

Packing in my head just got a whole lot easier. Bathing suit…check. Flip flops…check. Old lady out to tea sun hat…check. Hat that Jillian might sign off on…check. Tank tops, skirts, shorts, and one pair of pants just in case….check.

See Carrie. I do it to.

Seven days.


I am little bit ready to run away from home.

Start spreading the news…



Guess what?

There was a 1 in 20 chance… But Hugh got a bib number for the New York City Marathon.

So guess what that means for the rest of us…yep, we are training. Well, he is running and we are being the support staff.

It’s all good.

Yesterday, when he was convinced he didn’t have a snowball’s chance to get a number… I started searching for alternative races. He was less than enthusiastic for the one Philly or the Outer Banks.


But he has his trip away.

And a reason to train this summer.


It’s spring….


And do you know what that means?

Well, besides the warm temperatures and the pretty flowers….And the sneezing….

It is that time of year where the calendar is not consistent. They say, although I always wonder who “they” are, that May is the new December.

And you know what?

I totally believe it.

So three kids in three different schools and no ones calendar is exactly the same.

For example for the next week starting today there is almost always a Marrs kid home.

Today was an early release for all three.

Tomorrow. Danny and Jack are in school. Katie is home.

Friday. Danny is in school. Katie and Jack are home.

Monday. Danny and Katie are in school. Jack is home.

Tuesday. All three are in school.

Wednesday. Danny is in school. Jack has field day. Katie is taking the day off of school to help.

This is our life until school gets out at the end of May.

You know. The only one getting the short end of the stick is Danny. Poor kid. I expect he would love to get a few random days off too.

Ten days out…


I hopped on a weather site to check out how the weather gods are going to treat us for the next few days. (FYI lovely weather until the weekend and then it gets chilly and rains)

You know what I saw?

May 3rd is only ten days out.

In a day or two, I can check to see if the weather at the beach is supposed to be warm and lovely, allowing me to not read my kindle in the sunshine…or rainy, allowing me to not read my kindle while someone keeps margarita glass full. Win win either way.


This is what I need from you.

If you are familiar with Carolina beach and surrounding areas…how about any recommendations for places I should check out while there.

If you aren’t familiar with Carolina beach, don’t worry. I can still use your help. I need a list of light hearted beach reading material.



Just ten days out.

Guess who came home with the game ball last night….


Go on.


Mr Jack!

He pitched the first two innings. Threw almost all strikes. Faced 8 batters and struck out 6 of them.

Then he went and played first base.

He had a RBI

Not bad for my little slugger.

You should have seen him. He is so very proud. And since there isn’t another game until Saturday, he will have the most awesome week.

He is so proud.

You should see him.

I’ll see if I can get him to pose with his ball.




Yes. That was me breaking the three traffic laws…


…trying to get Danny to school this morning.

Poor kid decided to start his day at 1:00am. I have no idea what woke him up but he was ready for the day to start.

And then after almost seven hours of being up…he was not in the mood for his day to start.

Well you know what buddy? Neither was I. But here we go anyway.

He consented to get in the car but he didn’t consent to putting on his seat belt.

So, I made a behavioral judgement call. I engaged all the child locks and off we went.

Yes. That was my twelve year old red head crying at the back window of my SUV because his mom had the audacity to take him to middle school.

But we made it there.

And he exited the car.

And I drove off.


I am off to zen it out with some very loud music and big wide open sky.


It’s not a party until something breaks…


Well then last night qualified as a party.

Our grill went BOOM.

We had our annual cinco de mayo party last evening. Well, without the Mexican food, we made ribs. And with the margaritas.

Super fun AND the weather cooperated!

It was great to catch up with everyone. I had forgotten how much I enjoy a “stone soup” kind of evening.

I especially lived meeting all the new folks that are entering our lives. I hope they come again!