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Schools out for summer…


Any stay at home mom will tell you, the last day of school is spent over the top scheduled.

Today was no exception.

I managed to get to everything…even if I was ten minutes behind all day.

So, here are a few pictures of the day.






Yes, I remembered to pull out the phone mostly when we were at the pool this afternoon.

School’s out for summer
School’s out forever
School’s been blown to pieces….


Just your typical end of the school year day…


Crazy busy day on Marrs.

Today was Danny’s last day of school. He was so funny this morning. “time to go buddy” and off he goes to the car. (I parked inside the he went right to the car…). I hop in. “seatbelt Dan” as I look in the rear view mirror, I see my favorite 12 year old wearing swim goggles and signing “swim”. Um no big guy. It is the last day of school. Swimming after. He went to school. But he took in his swim goggles because today he was going to go swimming!

Jack woke up this morning like he is related to me (FYI- I am not a morning person… Never have been…it’s kind of funny when you think about the hours we keep here….). Poor kid. Bed head, eyes barely open he asks if he can skip school. I said “how about I pick you up when I get Danny for the day. Can you do a half day?”. He was so thrilled!!! So I grabbed him after I got Dan and the three of us came home for lunch.

While the boys are eating, I run up for a quick wardrobe change so we can hit the pool. I come down and Danny says “mom” he grabs my hand and starts to sway sort of. That is his signal for me to sing Barney’s I Love You. He does it whenever hurt, scared, or sorry. Today it was because he was hurt. He shows me his left foot.

Poor kid. He did something to it because it is starting to swell.

And he stops putting weight on it.

Uh oh.


So, I make a phone call and get him an appointment. He needs to see a doc and get an X-ray. I call Hugh and he comes home.

There is a bit if back story for this. Danny, when he was two, broke his ring finger and we didn’t realize that was what he had done for 45 minutes. Poor baby was in a cast up past his elbow after the doc at Children’s Hospital reset it.

Not my shiniest parenting moment.

Because he is nonverbal, he can’t tell me how bad it hurts. I rely on cues. Not putting weight on it? Yep, that is my cue to pack him up and go get an X-ray.

I made an appointment. We needed to stall for a bit. And so he and I hung out.

Luckily, as the hour progressed he started feeling better. He started doing more and more things with that foot.

When it would have been time for us to leave, I called and cancelled the appointment. He was improving and I didn’t want to put him through the trama of getting an X-ray if we didn’t need to.

Now, he is none the worse for wear.


I’m still feeling guilty about the owie when he was two.

It’s been ten years.

You would think I would be over it by now.

Yep…not so much.

(We never did get to the pool)

I am not a runner…



I know.

I know.

Yes, I have lost significant weight since Christmas. And yes, besides dieting, I have become a fixture at Red Rocks Amphitheater. So much so, the tour bus drivers will ask me “So, how many miles are you doing today Laura?”.

And yes, I have worn through my first pair of good running shoes.

And yes, I know the value of Nike compression pants. And the $15 a pair running socks are amazing.

But I am not a runner.

If you listen to runners… They talk about the high they get from running.

I don’t get a high.

As matter of fact, for the first twenty minutes each and every morning for the last four months, all I can think of as I face those 750 stairs is “what the hell am I thinking? I’m a forty three year old lady….” and up I go. And up and up and up. Until I get to the top…and then I slowly run the mile loop back to the bottom of the stairs…and up I go again.

Running is just a means to an end for me.

Finding little me again.

So I can surf.

Because if you ask me…even out here in that square state out west otherwise known as Colorado…I think of my self as a surfer.

Not a runner.

So imagine my surprise when an email came through today from my dear friend Alexis trying to put together a team to do the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon I thought to my self:

“You know what? That is such a pretty drive down the mountain (yes. It is really down the mountain….) Its all downhill. You know, the only thing I would have to figure out a way to add into what I have been doing for the past four months is a long run every week from now until August…”


Before I know it, I have printed out a registration form, wrote my check for $46, and stuck that bad boy in the mail.

Because, not only am I not a runner…I also am so technically challenged I wasn’t able to complete an online registration….

Did I mention that I’m not a runner…?!

(I stole the picture at the top from my dear friend Carrie- thanks babe!)

While the other two kids were in school….


…Dan and I were here….




There is an advantage to Danny attending school on a modified schedule…we get to hit the Bradford Pool while everyone else is in school.


We spent and hour and a half swimming this fine Tuesday afternoon. And catching up with the lifeguards who happened to pull the north ranch pool shifts. One, we have seen every summer for six years now… He is getting ready to start his senior year at CU. And we introduced ourselves to the new ones who don’t realize that Dan is a fixture at that pool for the next two and a half months.


Camp Ken Caryl is living up to its hype!!!

TGIF a day late…


Happy first day of pool season!!!

Before we head to the pool this afternoon. It is time to recap the week…

What a great week on Marrs!

This week:

I was able to catch up with Vicki over a couple of glasses of wine…completely ignoring my unreasonable fear of heights as we sat on their “in progress” back deck….

I was able to see Dana’s new house… And catch up with Jessica!

Jack is closing out his most successful school year yet. It was the most amazing year for him. I think fourth grade will be a year for the books…

Katie and I are still talking. Even about things that make her a bit uncomfortable. She is working her way through these early teen years and so far so good.

I was able to have entitled day after entitled day. Trying to squeeze in as much as I can before summer hits.

By the way, locals, if you haven’t checked out Jennifer Tiell’s cute boutique, you should. Trendz Boutique. I was able to hop over and check it out…finally. Super cute and a little bit funky style for ladies not in their early twenties. I walked out with some chic additions to my wardrobe.

Trendz Boutique

I was able to fit in a few zen runs.

We had more than one evening consumed by baseball.

Danny is strong and in a super place to start the summer.

What a great week.

Cya at the pool this afternoon!!!

I will be the lady not channeling my mother!!!

Starting this summer at baseline…



What an amazing big blue sky Colorado it’s almost summer kind of day!

You know, things are going well here on Marrs.

We are only a few days from the pools opening. Danny will be thrilled. He has been asking to swim pretty much…well…since they closed last September.

Usually redirecting is pretty easy, but we have had a super warm spring. Poor kid. He puts on the swim goggles and signs “swim”.

Yeah buddy, I get it. I am ready for summer too.

He is definitely his momma’s boy.

We are a week from school being out and hitting the pools is a daily occurrence. I can’t wait to see how strong Danny is at the end of the summer. We had such a mellow winter illnesses wise, Dan the man is in great shape. He managed to stay petty even with the world. Usually, we spend the first six weeks of spring just trying to get his strength back to baseline.

Not this year.

This year we are starting at baseline.

We never start at baseline!

Can you imagine where his strength and stamina might be in August?

It just might even approach the shadow of typical… And wouldn’t that be something!!!!




Not only did I make cupcakes for yesterday’s baseball game…I also cut up some watermelon. You know. Because you can’t be the mom that just sends in the sugary treats. If you also send in fruit…it’s a win win on the stay at home mom scale. Did you know there was one? Oh yeah. Totally exists. Organic shopping gets you a higher rating than just regular apples. And if you happen to raise your own chickens or make your own cheese…off the charts. (Not really kidding about that by the way…). You MUST shop farmers markets and support local whenever possible because being a locavore is better than being vegetarian but only by a bit. I know. You are thinking “who in the hell is this crazy lady”? It was tricky to enter this world after spend years running a home therapy program. But here I am…and loving every minute of it!!!

Why did I start this?

Oh yeah.

You can’t just send in cupcakes and juice. Vitamin water not juice. And there must be a fruit option…hence the watermelon.

And here we go bringing it back around to the story I actually wanted to tell.

Katie walks in while I am cutting the watermelon.



Oh mom. Can I have some???!!!!

Katie absolutely loves watermelon. She has since she was a little thing with new teeth. You know what she would mash in those teething food nets? Frozen watermelon. And when she was old enough to have finger food…she was happiest eating watermelon. This child eats her weight in watermelon at least three times every summer. Isn’t it funny. They are the people they are going to become when they are little. As I watched her eat a quarter of a watermelon while she was doing her Spanish homework…I was also seeing 10 month old her in one of her little summer dresses happily munching on tiny tiny bites of watermelon while she sat in her high chair.

My entitled day….


So you have to understand how I grew up. The day I am about to describe to you I would have never in a million years believed I would be so lucky to have.

First I went to see Lindsy and got new hair…


Then I met Hugh for lunch…


Not enough time to hit red rocks so I ran up and down the Cathy Johnson trail….


All by my self…


Well, except for these guys…



The picturesque view on the way back to the car reminding me how incredibly lucky I am to be here…


With plenty of time left to put snack together for tonight’s game….


And yes, I also cut up watermelon.

It’s not all cupcakes and good times.

But it sure is close…