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8 at 8:00am


If you have been following along for a while…just skip to the next paragraph. I have signed up to run a half marathon for the first time ever in about a month. There used to be a lot more of me, but between my surfing diet and exercise I have managed to no longer channel my mother.

Last night at dinner, Vicki offers to run with me this morning, my long run day.

So we made plans to do 8 miles at 8:00am.


Now, let me first say that Vicki is in great shape. She just did a marathon about a month ago and she had been running her whole life (that might be an overstatement.). She is who you would think of when picturing a “runner”

I am not.

I’m not a runner.

Because what I do, isn’t technically a run. It’s a run/walk/run depending on how my body is feeling.

The other thing you should know, is I have a slow pace. Running hills, I average a 13.5 minute pace. I am a bit faster if I run flat…i average a 12 minute mile then.

Anyway, all you need to really know, is I am a bit like the tortoise.

Slow and steady.

Ok, maybe a bunch like the tortoise.

So this morning we head out on a lovely loop I hadn’t done before. I had done parts of it, but this was the first time I had done the whole thing.

Vicki was a doll. And stayed with me. She chatted when we would walk and let me run at my own pace when I wanted to run.

Vicki was a good friend today….she slowed down and waited for me.

But I did it.

By the time I got home, I had put in 8.6.

And i feel pretty good.

Next week?




What an eventful week on Marrs.

We watched the fires. Some from the top of the hill, some from the news.

We swam and swam and swam.




I redid some patio cushions


Just in time for book club


Jillian spent all week with us


And we topped it all by having dinner with dear friends…









It’s time to call it a day.

I have 8 at 8:00 tomorrow.


Silver hollowware….


Sixteen years ago this morning, at the Beaver Creek Chapel in front of fifty four family members and good friends, Hugh and I started this crazy ride.


Since we lived together for a few years before…maybe making things official would be a more accurate statement.

So, instead of my typical TGIF lets recap the last sixteen years.


It’s too much to list here.

And the good outweighs the bumpy.

So far.

But its still early.



The owie rating scale…..


I am sitting on my back deck listening to the thunder. A storm is blowing in again this afternoon. It must be ten degrees cooler. Between the wind and how it smells when it rains….it’s lovely right now.

We have an owie rating scale here on Marrs. I was unaware of it until yesterday.

Yesterday, Jack (the youngest marrs man) went ass over tea kettle while riding his scooter. God love him. He was so tough. He made it home. And the first thing out of his mouth was “is this a gauze cut on my knee mom?”

Apparently there is a rating scale we have in place here.

Leave it be
Bandaide worthy
Gauze worthy
Super glue or a butterfly bandage
In the car fast…

So he was all worried when I said yes, the scrapes were gauze worthy. That is until I explained that it was only because I was out of the giant bandaides I keep on hand.

Silly boy. He had a much bigger gash on his elbow. THAT one was butterfly bandage worthy.


(And before you ask- that particular time he was wearing his helmet. And will be for a while. )


You are now officially a Marrs….


Holy heat batman.

But we do what we do.

And we went swimming.

Last summer June was super wet. The storms wouldn’t blow in at 3:00 in the afternoon…they blew in at 11:00 in the morning. Let me tell you how cranky Danny would get about not swimming, you know because it was summer. And during summer, you go to the pool and swim.

So while this June is tough on Colorado, it is making our personal summer so much more pleasant.

So, to bring it back around to my point.

Yesterday we went swimming.






Yesterday afternoon Jillian texts…

“I went home and fell asleep. I had crazy dreams. Danny started talking in short word sentences.”

Why this is significant…

Dan is nonverbal. He had a few word approximations and he ‘speaks’ to us in sign. But unless he is talking in his sleep, he is nonverbal. -and yes, that is a true statement. He has been known to talk in his sleep….

If you hang with us for any amount if time, eventually you have a dream where you and my beautifully red head carry on a traditional looking conversation.

That is the day you officially become a Marrs.


The heat…


If you live in town, you know exactly what I am chatting about.

But if you live somewhere else…it has been an unusually hot and dry June.

Holy Ike, we have hovering around 100 for a week or so now. I expect it has been longer, but I don’t watch the news.

This kind of heat affects everyone, but Danny especially.

He self regulates pretty well. He stays inside during the worst of it. We swim and hang out in our cool house.

But he still looks pale.

And the circles under his eyes are a spectacular shade of purple most if the day.

So, we hang inside.

And hydrate.

And wait for a break in the temperatures.

And keep the house closed up to keep the gunky air out. The multiple wildfires are doing a number on the air quality. But that’s another post.

The only living things that are thriving in this heat is my garden.





Carry on….


Last night Carrie, Ammie and I managed to run away from home and catch Pat Green at the Riverwalk in Breckenridge.

Super super fun night!!!

Hydrating because we were at altitude…


Yum yum!!!

Where our seats were “officially”


Where we watched the concert…


You have gotta watch Ammie every minute…



Do you know what is super fun to do after GNO? A sunrise training run at 9700 feet…


It was pretty slow going. But it was also incredibly pretty.



I’m home.

What a fun fun night.



Because I promised Carrie that Friday was worthy of a blog post all it’s own…

I am doing my TGIThursday.

Since my last recap…

We have watched the balloons


Spent oodles and oodles of time at the pool


Katie was lucky enough to see Toby Keith


We tried desperately to get a cute photo for my dad for Father’s Day


And failed


D and I spent some quality time together.


So did Jack and I


Even Katie and I managed to hang out.

(even if it was with her friends.)

Life on Marrs so far this summer has completely rocked…



Thanks for stopping by…



Not really a run away run…


Happy Thursday.

Not much happening on Marrs today.

When Phindy comes this morning, I am running away for a quick zen at Red Rocks.

Although, technically, today might not be considered running away.

I am taking a carful of kids to red rocks this afternoon. American Ninja was on this week and the show that had folks from Colorado was on. “Mom, all these guys are from Denver and guess where they train? RED ROCKS!”.

Yes. Their middle aged mom hangs out with free runners. I told you I hang with the crazy über fit. Ok, hang is too strong a word. I work out next to the crazy über fit.

Moral of the story? A carful of 13 year old kids are going with me this morning as I do my 4 miles up and down the stairs.

Time to eat and get dressed… Cody (Katie’s Cody) is coming with the group this morning and I have to find something that doesn’t mortify my daughter to wear. That might take a while, so I better start working on that right now.

Tea vs coffee…


No pool today. Big black clouds.

Instead I think Jillian may throw my brood in the car and hit the bowling alley or ball pit.

And I am going to take a bit of time off and hook up with Leslie for tea.

Did you know I don’t drink coffee? I love the smell but never did acquire the taste.

I am a tea gal.

And not just nestea. Good tea. Organic black is best. But I will do a green tea as well. Infused with fruit. I never do white tea. I don’t understand the point. If I’m not going to have caffeine, then I will just drink water.

Yes, I know.

It conjures images of a proper little old lady in her best out to tea hat eating scones and drinking her tea out of a delicate china cup with her pinky in the air.

Well, we all know not one word of that description fits me.

Except I do like scones.

There is a tea shop here with a wall of different flavored teas with the yummiest array of baked goods to go with it.

So I’m going to walk over and catch up with Leslie’s life. Over raspberry black tea and a yummy scone. Absolute heaven.

During the school year, I stop in once or twice a week. I don’t get over there as much this time of year.

But I do love a good cup of tea.

Maybe I need a hat.