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I haven’t done one of these for a while. It is amazing to me how just living life can get in the way of my little blog.


This week on Marrs.

We all attended school.

This school year?

So far.

So good.

Just a couple of small bumps as we adjust to our new surroundings. But nothing that isn’t fixed with a quick hug and an “I’m so proud of you”. Absolutely nothing that is a mashed potato problem (comfort food of choice around here by the way.)

I have managed to pick up things to make the Cleveland trip with Danny more enjoyable for him, me, and pretty much everyone on the plane.

I hit the grocery stores. (I know, not typically blog worthy but we do hit a point in the year when I have to have everything delivered because of how the general population has the sniffles.)

I was even able to go for a few runs.

Sometimes I even brought Mulligan.

He gets so excited when he realizes that he gets to go as well.

Enjoy your three day weekend.

It will be a fabulous one here on Marrs.


It’s that time of year again….


Hi Laura.

This is ___ from the DDRC. It’s time for Danny’s annual CES (children’s extensive support medicaid waiver) redetermination. Give me a call and let’s arrange for an appointment.


Just damn.

For those of you who weren’t around the last time we did this. This is where we describe our day without the sugar coating that I do. It’s where we describe our day in graphic detail to see if Danny still qualifies for instructional level support in the home.

And another news flash for those of you that don’t know me personally, I have a very difficult time asking for help.

So you can imagine what gathering all supporting documentation along with filling out our log does to me.

Ironically enough, I also do this in the fall.

A beautiful time of year that reminds me daily winter filled with its germs and homebound is just around the corner.

CES paperwork can put me into quite a funk.

You know when I get to do it this year?

The Thursday before Dan and I hop a plane to hit Cleveland Ohio. For his annual check in at the Cleveland clinic.

Danny is a great traveler.

But it requires some planning.

And a bit extra.

Extra food, electronics, new treasures.


But this year. For the next two weeks when I would traditionally be packing in my head

I get to instead describe our day in such a way that always ends up with the twenty something kid that sits across the table from me looking at me with “OMGosh you poor thing…” look in her eyes.


Can’t wait!!!!


I have an unusual problem….


I love tables.

I found a super cute one at the thrift store the other day for $20. You could hear it whispering.



I’m over here.

In the back corner.

Come see me.

Hi there Laura.

Wouldn’t I look cute in your kitchen?

Come on.

You know you want to take me home…”

I tried to ignore it. Valiantly I walked around the book section looking for a few new books for d and the plane ride.

But you know what I did?


It’s in my kitchen. With flowers on it.

It does look super cute.

“hi…my name is Laura….and I am a compulsive table shopper….”

(And yes, that is one of those peg boards you usually see over tool benches painted the same color as my wall holding all my tools of the trade. )


A tiny bite of bagel…


Yes I know.

A bagel isn’t typically blog worthy.

And a tiny bit seems hardly worth mentioning.

Unless the person who managed to get that tiny bite of bagel is Danny.

Danny has a bunch of food intolerances. His body can’t handle gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and peanut. It sends his immune system into overdrive and does a number on his tummy. Which, in turn, makes his body that more susceptible to catching an illness which will trigger a regression.

Dan adheres to a very strict diet.

So you wouldn’t think that a tiny bite of bagel he managed to grab while at school on Friday would send our lives into such a tail spin.

Those of you who have spent quality time with us throughout the years, you don’t have to read any further. You know what kind of weekend we have had here.

For the rest.

It was a long weekend here on Marrs. Danny was a bit maniacal (how he reacts to an upset tummy). He was non compliant and had a tough time keeping his impulses under control (opening the door while in a moving car for example). And we won’t go into the tummy trouble he has had (think similar to food poisoning)

Normally, when he feels this bad, I keep him home.

Not today.

I have found that if you have to deal with Danny’s reaction to getting food he shouldn’t have first hand, you are more vigilant in your watching him around food he shouldn’t eat.


They should have a fun morning at Deer Creek today.

And I totally need the nap.

(Did I mention what happens to his already fragile sleep pattern…?)

Three days….


Three days since school started.

And guess what Katie asks me this morning.

Momma, we are going to get flu shots this year, right?

Why yes sweetie, why?

Because I don’t feel well.

Three days and Miss Kate had picked up a bug.



Don’t mind me, if I spray you down when you come to visit.


Happy first day of school…


What a busy day!

I thought the first day of school would find me with a bit more free time.

First- Danny had 7th grade orientation in the morning. He was a bit cranky when we went to school instead if grabbing fries…


But he manned up and made it through the morning.

Then over to Shaffer for the first day of the last year of a Marrs kid attending our elementary school…


And once I grabbed Dan it was time to drop Katie for 8th grade orientation.


What a crazy busy day!!!!

Now dinner.


Deer creek before the crowds.


Yesterday morning I took the kids to Deer Creek Middle School.

I had bags and boxes of stuff for Danny that I wanted to drop off before the first day of school. Katie and Sophie tagged along so we could wander the halls and find their classrooms before they had to do it in a mob of eighth graders. Jack came too because he had nothing better to do…





We were lucky. We even intruded and met a couple of the girls new teachers.

A quick run to Shaffer for Jack to check in with his fifth grade teacher Mrs Hill and that was the day…




Sort of.

There was a major twist in the Cody, Katie, and Madison drama.

I won’t spill the beans here, but ask me about it….