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The baby bear…


It’s not a spin on the goldilocks story or a comment on the local wild life.

In this particular instance it’s the 10k of the Bear Chase runs that happened today at Bear Creek Lake Park. There is a 50 mile, 50k, marathon, and half marathon options as well.

I was there a bit early, which allowed me to see an absolutely spectacular sunrise over the reservoir this morning. The fish that were jumping were paying absolutely no attention to the nearly 1000 runners making all that noise.

It was a lovely run once you got about a half mile into it and the crowd began to loosen.

I was really enjoying the colors although you couldn’t look around too much because it would cause you to not see the root that would cause you to whiff (I am not a graceful swan…ouch…)

Because of the way the course was laid out, there were times when the ultra marathoners would pass “on my left”. I tell you, nothing kills your ego about how well your pace is than to get lapped more than once by the same ultra marathoners with the longest legs I have ever seen.

Oh well.

I’m never going to break any records with my pace…I own it.


There are too many super cool things to stop and take pictures of.






Wait a minute….


….we can’t take her home. I don’t even know how to change a diaper…..!!!!!

Together for the last fourteen years, we figured out how to change diapers and give baths. And how to change a wiggley baby’s clothes in under a minute.

We got through teething, and sleepless nights.

We came through colds, flus, chicken pox…

We’ve done first smiles, giggles, rolling over, sitting, scooting, steps, and words.

We did first days school. And last days of the year. We’ve rallied through drama and heartbreak and first loves.

We’ve explored preschool and the rest of the world together.

I would like to say I’m a great mom, but you know what?

It’s not me…it’s her.

She is an amazing kid.

And she’s is my first experience of unconditional all consuming love.

Can you believe that I was never going to have kids?

Happy fourteenth birthday Kate.





Happy 11th Birthday Mr Jack….


“Mrs Marrs. We are sorry, we know you have an induction scheduled but we are just too busy. We will call you if we get some free time this afternoon….”

Well, ok…

Luckily, they ended up with a quiet afternoon and in we went.

You know, because I plan.

And we had the kids planted at grandmas.

We induced Mr Jackson Wade because I had short labor with the other two kids and the Doc wanted to make sure I didn’t have that baby on sixth avenue. It worked for me, because I didn’t want to miss the window for the epidural.

That, and we really did not want Jack to share a birthday with his older sister Katie.

But in typical “I will do it in my own time not at all what you expect or even want” Jack fashion, his labor was the longest.

I should have realized then, Jack would always do things in his own way and on his own schedule.


Happy Birthday to the youngest on Marrs. We definitely saved the best for last.



School day? Just kidding….



Danny did not consent to attend school today. I didn’t force it. It is chilly this morning and he just did not want to go.


Between how nicely he asked to go back home and the uber dark circles under his eyes….

We are back home. Hanging by the heater waiting for Tracy to arrive at 11.

He might want to do something then. And then he might not.

He self regulates so well. Rarely is it a behavioral statement about not liking something. Over the years I have pulled out things he doesn’t like to do off of his calendar. Everything except doc visits. I’ve done the “what’s the point to this” with everything.

And if it doesn’t pass muster?

Off it goes.

Life is too short.

He and I are hanging out. I’m cleaning the house. He’s having something else to eat.

It’s a quiet morning here on Marrs.

“He sure does keep you on your toes…”


Something my resource coordinator said to me today as we were finishing up Danny’s Children’s Extensive Support redetermination application and next year’s service plan this afternoon.

You know….

It sure says something when the lady that deals with this particular population of folks comments on my up and down that I don’t even realize that I do anymore.


We were to have this meeting before Cleveland, but she became ill, so here we are. Pushing deadlines. But I am not stressing.


Not stressing.

Just in case you were concerned that it sounded like I might be stressing out.

Let me assure you, I’m not.


What a long few weeks.

And tomorrow?

A meeting with Sylvia at Deer Creek so we can talk about next year’s IEP objectives.

Have I sighed yet…?

Picking your family…


I wonder why sometimes you struggle with people trying to find common ground to chat about and with others, you go immediately to being you.

The other night, I had a conversation with a cousin of mine. She called to break some news she didn’t want me to hear over Facebook, which was incredibly thoughtful.

The reason why chatting with her is blog worthy is because the last time I really remember hanging with her was when I was 13 years old (Kate’s age). We had dropped out of touch, which was my fault. When I decided to walk away from my mother’s crazy, by default I lost touch with her side of the family.

Through the magic of Facebook, I am reconnecting with people I haven’t spoken with in years.

A few of them are family.

And not family because I choose them like most of who I consider my family to be.

But family because we arerelated.

But you know what I am discovering?

They aren’t mutually exclusive.

I would actually pick these folks to be a part of my family even if we weren’t related.


So super fun to catch up with Heather again last night.

I’m glad to have you back!

There was a rash of tp-ing last night in Ken Caryl….


The girls are at the pool and I am sitting here quietly having my tea with my ear buds in.

What a neat bunch of kids.

Many of them I have known since kindergarten. And those ladies attended Katie’s first sleepover birthday party.

There are a few new faces.

All of them are sweet good kids.

Last night we piled into my car with a case of toilet paper from Costco and we hit a few young teen boys’ homes.

By the third house, we had it down to a fine art. Those girls could get those trees covered within four throws. And then quick quick…off to the next house we go.





I think we may try cow tipping next…


I have totally earned my super cape this afternoon….


Tonight is Katie’s 14th birthday party.

Technically it’s a week early but it’s too much to do both Kate’s and Jack’s in the same weekend.

We booked a room at the Homewood Suites just down the street from the house.

We have been hanging here most if the afternoon. Taking advantage of the pool before the gaggle of giggly girls arrive.








I won’t even mention that we stocked the room full off all the foods we miss because of Danny’s food restrictions.


And as we were walking to dinner…we “ran” into boys.


So, that’s what we are doing right now. They are chatting and I am about 25 yards away entertaining myself by posting on this little blog…

I’m so sure there will be ample opportunity tonight to keep you updated blow by blow of the evening.



TGIF during Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week.


Instead of recapping the week and Danny’s trip to the Cleveland Clinic to check in with his medical team, I’m sharing my daughter’s post from Facebook this week while we were gone.

Katie is almost fourteen.

Dear Hero,
My hero is my brother. He is so smart, and such a sweetie. He has been through hell and back and is still the strongest person I know. He has the coolest way of talking, and its made me almost completly fluent in Sign Language! People watch us talk, and have no idea what we are talking about! Danny you have made my family stronger and tighter, and you make me smile almost every day! I mi…
ss you like crazy bud and I hope the docters out in Cleveland make you better! I miss you and mom and cant wait for you to be home! I know every day with you is special and you make me who I am! I love you, and I hope one day we will have a cure for Mitochondrial Disease, but for now keep being strong!(: I lpve you!♥