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Happy Halloween….


I’m not sure if we are trick or treating this year.

I like to leave it up to the kids.

Last year, because we were traveling back from DC, the kids decided to skip it. And then realized that they didn’t miss it all that much.

Traditionally, because of Danny’s food issues, I will pick up a dozen or so balloons to distribute to the neighbors on the cul de sac. Danny will trick or treat for them. Once we collect them all, he will then set them free.

I don’t think we will be doing that this year.

Because this last week was so tricky, instead, Danny and I will head over to the party store on Friday when it is just the two of us. We love the party store. What a fantastic selection of dress up hats it has on its back wall.

And, we get to pick out the exact balloons we would like to have them fill.

So, there’s the plan.

If it changes, I am sure you will be the first to know.


Crocodile tears…



Poor Mr Dan.

He had another sleepless night.

I think we are at a solid week of Danny and I spending quality time together at night.

Today, instead of sending Danny to school…he and I are hanging around the house. He had big big crocodile tears this morning.

We would comment on our amazement of Danny’s ability to stay up all night with out it affecting him. Well, except for how he can spiral up.

This is the first spell that he seems to be showing us how very tired he is. In addition to his fuse being short, he is also pretty emotional.

Poor kid is having trouble with the spell of not sleeping.

So am I.


Sometimes I’m a dingbat…..


Yesterday….la la la some times we don’t sleep…I don’t understand why…la la la.


You know why Danny wasn’t sleeping?

Because he had a tummy bug.

Poor kid.

He ate very little and drank even less.

We were to have folks over for dinner last night. Yep, not so much. Out went the group text canceling dinner.

And then I spent the next twenty four hours hovering. And obsessing about the lack of calories being consumed. I won’t even go into the lack of fluids.

Poor poor kid.

But it seems to be a twenty four hour thing. He’s doing much better today.

He never ran a fever, and has eaten today.

As a matter of fact, as long as he doesn’t slide, we just might attempt school in the morning. He will let me know if he feels strong enough to go.

Keep those fingers crossed.

By the way…

Anyone want to swing by for left over spaghetti?!




If you have been on Marrs for a while, you know that sometimes we don’t sleep.

For the past couple of days, we haven’t been sleeping much.

I don’t understand the why Danny doesn’t sleep, I just know it happens.

So, he sleeps for a bit, and then we are up for a bit. And if we are lucky, we sleep for a bit again.

That has been the pattern over the last few days.


He and I have been spending some quality time together.

Poor kid.

I’ve been letting him sleep whenever he can.


It finally happened…


This weekend Katie comes up to me and asks if I would consider redoing the basement.

Could we maybe get rid of the playroom, mom?




After a bit of discussion and a bunch of hard work the past few days, our playroom has become grown-up-afied.

It took a bunch of paint, multiple trips to the thrift store, and repurposing furniture….but I think it turned out super cute.

(Again- I completely forgot to do the “before” pictures. Those of you who have visited won’t recognize the place, but you might recognize the furniture.)




(The “couch” base is the shelving I bought when we began Danny’s home program to keep him out of the therapy toys except when we were doing therapy)




And because no matter how grown up the space is, we still need space for Danny’s occupational therapy.


Katie and I had a discussion about the handprints on the wall. The first room I did when we moved here six years ago was the basement. I painted the paneling and set up the playroom. Danny helped. It was his idea to do the handprints. Kate and Jack joined in the fun. Katie was ready to see them go.

Guess who won that discussion…?


Everything is better with bacon….


Cooking group was last night.

What super fun.

This month’s theme?

You guessed it…bacon.

We were assigned dessert. You know what? Not as tricky as you might think. There is an entire subculture for recipes that include bacon.

I made buttermilk, hazelnut, and bacon cupcakes with amaretto butter cream frosting. OMGosh. So super yummy.

Here is the link to the recipe. I will warn you, it’s pretty labor intensive…but so worth it. buttermilk and bacon cupcakes

Here are more highlights of the evening.





Just your typical Friday night….


It was our turn to host the gaggle of girls.

We had pizza.

And then the hooligans went “chalking”







Right now the girls are taking advantage of the open skate time at the rink.



I am making myself scarce.

I’m in the lobby reading my book.

You know.

Because I’m cool enough to drive the get away car…but not quite cool enough to hang in the bleachers.

To both political parties…


To whom it may concern…

Spending any more money on television ads, computer calls, or junk mail for those of us on Marrs would be a waste.

Please move on to an undecided…

Thank you for your cooperation.




(Even though this was super convenient and makes more sense with the demands on my life… I have to tell you that I do miss going out and voting…)