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Back to real time…


Well, I am back to real time with this little blog.

We are home from vacation. The kids have attended school this week. Danny too. Not today, because its Thursday.

It’s a good thing too. He didn’t sleep well last night. He came in at 11:00pm last night. Something is up. There is something that has him a bit rattled. He sleeps better when we all share a room (like when we stay in a hotel). You would think it would be the opposite, but he actually sleeps better. Like he can sleep because the set is complete and whole.

So, that meant it was also a long night for me.

But Tracy came this morning, and I took mulligan to the dog park. He and I went for a quick run. Did you know it’s 2.2 miles if you take the outside paths and circle the park. So that’s what we did… twice.

Home for a quick shower before Tracy left. The rest of the day was a quiet one for Danny and I.

Poor kid, the week has caught up to him. He’s not eating, his color is bad. Basically he needs a few quiet days at home.

Luckily we can totally do that.

The down side? It’s book club tonight. I am really hoping my second wind kicks in about 7:00pm tonight so I can run over to Carrie’s and catch up with everyone.

Keep your fingers crossed.


Happy happy happy 13th birthday to Dan!!!


Saturday was Danny’s birthday. We spent it on Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island). What an amazing memorable day!!!

(I wrote this Saturday)

I am sitting outside on the balcony. We are docked at castaway cay. Regge music is playing from the speakers on the island. D is having breakfast in bed. The wind has died down. What a lovely morning.

I thought for a bit about running the 5k around the island this morning. But today my d is a teenager. And honestly, I’m not missing one minute of it.

He’s 13. My baby is 13!!!!

He’s happily sitting under the covers eating his weight in bacon and fries.

It’s 8:53. We are waiting until 10am. At 10 we can grab d’s birthday cake and we are hitting the sand. The wind is down and it looks to be the nicest day of the trip.

Have I told you about the island? I watched the Disney machine at work this morning. Beginning at 8 am, the dock was swarming with Disney crew and loads of stuff all making their way to different parts of the island. Food, drinks, towels, and smiling crew members. It was amazing to watch. 45 minutes later, everyone was gone except for smiling Donald Duck, waiting for everyone to disembark. The Disney machine I tell you.

D is ready to do something. We are off.


What an amazing day!!! D spent 4 hours going up and down the slide. He would swim to the slide. Climb the stairs. Go down. Swim to shore. Then hit the swimming beach. After a few minutes- the pattern started again.

What a post card perfect day. Not a cloud. The wind is blowing gently. The weather? Not to hot. Basically the entire day was just right.

Wensday brought a cake that they had put frosting on so that didn’t work. Second time a charm though.

We had cupcakes. And candles. And the beach. And swimming. It was an absolutely perfect day.

(And the thousand words…)





Black Friday…..


We didn’t have Internet or cell service while on our vacation this last weekend. Here is what we did Friday….

I’m sitting here wrapped in a towel drinking a lovely glass of white watching the horizon. We are anchored 27 miles from castaway cay. All you see, no matter what part of the boat you are on is sea. The winds are up but the sea is calm.

I tell you, I am most comfortable here. Where I can’t see land. Nothing but rolling waves. Someday I’m going to buy myself a sail boat and live this way.

Super fun day. D slept in. We hit breakfast and then spent three hours at the pool trying to soak up the vitamin d. We then took a small break to get out if the chaos I found myself lost and looking for the family. While I was searching the boat, I went and had my picture taken with the characters. So fun. I managed to find everyone in the cabins and d asked to swim again. So here we are. Back in the chaos. But the wine is yummy. And my earbuds are in to drown out the worst of the noise.

The sun is dropping. It’s about halfway down.

Tonights plans? Dinner. A party. Fireworks. And we get to do it all again tomorrow.

Danny has found himself a new hat. Did you know he just loves hats? It’s mouse ears with a candle in-between and “it’s my birthday” written on the front”

I’ve done a whole lot of nothing. And crazy control freak me has taken a few days off.

So how big of a boat do you think I’m going to need? One big enough to to not be swallowed up by the waves as I go from marina to marina.

I’ll catch up after dinner.


It’s after 10pm. Dinner was lovely. Hugh has the other two kids up on deck watching fireworks. I am hanging with d (he socked out about 7:30 this evening. Jillian hung with him through dinner but I made a judgement call that her day needed to be over at 10pm.)

Katie spent oodles of time curling my hair tonight. She’s a good kid. But at 14 she is struggling a bit to find her way. When things are unsure for her, her default position is to help with d. Don’t get me wrong. I love the help, but I so much prefer she behave a bit more “it’s all about me” typical 14 year old fashion.

Jack has been up and down the slide so many times over the last few days the guys that run the slide know him by name. Jack is having a great time.

Danny kept going today. But no where near as long or as far. He’s just crashing earlier and earlier. But he is having a GREAT time. And I am allowing him to eat anything he is hungry for- pretty much throwing nutrition out the window.

I am breathing.

I’m on the water. No matter which way I look, I see mother mother ocean. My kids are here and having a great time. And my baby turns 13 tomorrow. :-). This is one of those times in life where you need to stop and enjoy because they are so fleeting.



















Happy Thanksgiving….


I wrote this on thanksgiving, but I wanted to attach pictures….

OMGosh. What a crazy buzzy day yesterday.

We’ve made it on the boat. But the wind was blowing something fierce. So I wouldn’t let d go swimming. And boy was he cranky about that.

We managed to get the whole fry, how are going to feed Danny thing worked out.

We had a lovely fruit bowl waiting for us when we arrived along with a few other treasures. I told you Disney designated this a wish trip. Well, that’s important.

Last night after exploring the ship- the seas were bumpy so the kids crashed. Hugh and I went to dinner alone. The food is amazing btw!!!

Over my wild boar (and yes, last night in the princess dining room I ate boar) This lady introduced herself and gave me her card with her contact info. I have six different ways to get ahold of this lady. And instructions to have her arrange anything we may need.

The above the top Disney service just got better!!!

I’m sitting here watching the ocean out my deck looking for my rally cap and sneakers to do a quick run. Sunrise is just amazing.

The food is to die for. The service is spectacular. These folks never leave character. It is an amazing thing to experience.

Off to find my sneakers. I have 8 laps to do. Did I tell you I ate wild boar for dinner?!

It’s 9:00am

OMGosh. What an amazing special morning. I ran the ship with the water all around. D is in the pool. Finally.

I just saw jack coming down the aqua duck. He’s made a new friend. Andy. Jack is my kid that can walk into any room of strangers and have a new BFF within 10 minutes. He doesn’t particularly enjoy the experience. Those first 10 minutes are tricky. But after. He’s the most like me that way.

(After lunch)

I have been shopping with Kate and Jillian. D has been up and down the slide 2 dozen times and counting. He was not thrilled with the “you must go to the room, warm up and eat” thing we made him do. Jack is hanging with his new buddy Andy. I had the must lovely lunch. I ate my weight in crab legs and peel and eat shrimp. I got a couple of beers and found a quiet spot.

Cya flip side.


The Golden Mickys (tonight’s show) starts shortly. Jillian is taking the kids and I am hitting the grown up part of the boat for a beverage.

I spoke to wensday (the wish VIP helping lady) so when I was striking out with guest services about d’s cake on the island- she is working her magic. So- Danny’s birthday party is on the island. (I guess typically they frown on something like that.- but d has been designated a VIP. I tell you, being a VIP makes the service that is fantastic just over the top…)

I am off to pass off the kids. And go have happy hour. 😉

It’s after 10:00pm

I’m in for the night.

OMGosh. First off. D, jack, Kate and Jillian went to the golden Mickys show. I walked them down and then I walked away. Those four managed to find the front row on the right hand side to watch the show. I have to tell you, when I walked in at the beauty and the beast song and then saw my kids in the first row- I was the lady, standing by the door with tears streaming down my face. Danny made it through the entire show. Absolutely magical this boat is.

We saw Minnie Mouse and then had dinner. Poor d is just exhausted. And his color…but he’s going and going and going.

Hugh hung with d while I had dinner with the other two. Super fun I tell you. Jack and the waiter goofed around the entire meal.

I didn’t eat your traditional thanksgiving meal. I had venison and to die for sweet potato pie (I just love sweet potato pie…sigh)

Hugh and jack are out watching wreck it Ralph. Kate is hanging with Jillian. D is socked out. And I am sitting on the deck in pjs wrapped in a blanket with my pie and wine under your moon.

I think I may have been a mermaid in my last life.

Ok. I probably wasn’t anything as glamorous as that. I’m sure I was a scurvy sailor with a lady in every port.

I feel so at home on the water. Every time I get near it I start to breathe. It’s as if I hold my breath the rest of the time and only on the waves I get peace.

I’m breathing.

Oh, biggest news…wensday stopped by dinner. The pastry chef is making d a cake. She is going to follow us out on island day so she knows where we are planted. She will then deliver the cake when I request.

I have had the most magical 30 hours.

I’m off to finish my pie and have the waves rock me to sleep.

I have had to most amazing day. All of us did. My inner control freak has been stowed away. Once in a while she showed up today, but mostly she’s shoved under the bed with my suitcase. Tomorrow is an at sea day. The entire day spent rocking and surrounded by water. What could be better?!?!








Bon voyage….


We didn’t have Internet service for the last few days.

Here are the posts I have written as we went along…

What a super early day.

But we made the flight.

With the very thoughtful help of our dear friend Lisa, getting to the airport and over to the ticket counter was a piece of cake. And honestly, the definition of a dear friend is one who offers to run you to the airport at 4:00am because she realizes how tricky finding parking can be. Add in Danny…

Anyway. It made this morning so much smoother. Hopefully she was able to get back ok and drop my car.

The kids have been troopers so far. Even with the 3:30am wake up call.

Jillian is entertaining the two kids, I’m sitting here with Dan. He is happily switching movies in and out. No breakfast but he’s had a few suckers so his sugar level is ok.

Another hour and a half in the air.

I just realized I forgot the cupcakes. Damn.

We are on the boat. I want to shoot this while I can.












Cake, cake, cake, please cake….


Danny’s 13th birthday is Saturday. We will be partying with Micky Mouse on the beach. And Disney is super about following all of Danny’s dietary issues.

We took a very similar trip on his 10th birthday. And while they made a cake, they didn’t have chocolate only spice flavored.

Danny isn’t a big fan of spice cake. He much prefers chocolate. Me too by the way.

So, this afternoon I whipped up some Danny friendly cupcakes.

Poor d found it hard to wait for them to finish cooking.








Gluten (wheat) casein (dairy) soy corn peanut free. Yum yum. (They actually aren’t too bad, right out if the oven…)



Boy oh boy.

I’ve sure been quite the jet setter lately.

I am spending the day wrapping up packing for our Disney cruise that starts first thing in the morning.

Less than twenty four hours from now….if all goes well….we are jetting to Orlando. Land of Micky mouse and humidity. I have a car meeting us at the airport to drive us over to port canaveral. You wouldn’t believe that hiring a car was less expensive that hopping on the Disney shuttle. We check in to board about 2:30 I think. And at 4:00 we are out of there.

I am so looking forward to this trip. The last real relaxing vacation I had with kids was when we did this three years ago. Disney takes enough off my plate- that this resembles a vacation every one else takes. Well, except we are bringing Jillian as well. For four days we get to party like typical folks. It’s absolutely magical.

Another busy day finishing getting us ready to go. And another crazy early day tomorrow. But once on the plane? Bliss.

I hate being crazy intense Laura. I would so love to ditch her somewhere in the Atlantic, never to be heard from again.

For four days- I’m leaving crazy intense Laura at the port. And laid back Laura is coming out to play. And celebrate how incredibly lucky we have been. With Micky mouse, great wine, even better food, and gluten casein soy corn peanut free chocolate cake.

Something old….


I’ve been a bit neglectful of this little blog the last few weeks.


I have gotten involved with helping a sweet young kid plan her wedding. The why is just too complicated to go into, but I love parties….weddings especially.

This particular couple is a couple of sweet young kids. I have really gotten to know the bride well over flowers and mason jars….you are going to have to trust me, it will make sense when you see the pictures…

Anyway, today is travel day.

I am off this morning to Virginia to help coordinate, attend their wedding, and catch up with family.

I can’t wait.

This is one of my 38 hour trips, I don’t usually stay away too long…it messes with the home front too much. Just a quick trip to Petersburg and then back to start to prep the family for our vacation. Micky Mouse here we come!

But first, a back yard reception. My favorite wedding reception venue, by the way. Back yard reception are usually the most fun.

Many many pictures to follow….