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That is the number of visits to Marrs since I started this little blog.

14,000 of them happened in 2012…

That is amazing to me.

You know, I sit down almost daily and chronicle a random part of my (our) day. And then I post it.

And honestly, when I run into someone at the store and they share how they are reading this little blog…I’m always surprised.


It’s not Friday, but it is New Years Eve.

So, this year on Marrs we…

Caught many sunrises…


Some of them in some pretty amazing locations…



The kids were busy being kids…









D and I made our annual trek to Cleveland…but it wasn’t all doctor appointments…




We hung with friends…





I even managed to run away once or twice…




And we had a magical family vacation…





Thanks for sharing it with us.

Here’s to the next year being filled with as much joy and laughter.

Happy new year!


The holiday letter I didn’t write….


Christmas is over.

But the holiday cards and letters are still trickling in.

I managed to get holidays cards done, but the letter was just too much to pull off before.

But now, as we are winding our way to the new year…I thought I should take a stab at it. Because in between all the sleepless nights and treks to doctors, we had an unusually spectacular year here on Marrs.

Here you go-


Hugh has been running marathons the last few years. We found out early in the year that he was lucky enough to get a bib number for the New York City Marathon. It may have been the only thing that helped him get through on of the biggest busy season the family business has ever seen. The city that never sleeps was very quiet after super storm sandy. But, after dinner and a quick broadway show, he made it back home and is counting on a spot in next year’s race. And, he managed to get a collectors item. A race tshirt from the marathon that wasn’t.


Laura has not been running for as long, but she did manage to finish her first ever half marathon. Crossing the finish line with the three kids was one of those lifetime memories. She also managed to find her surfing legs again. Interesting enough, they were in North Carolina, funny how they are never where you think they are. She left them there, but plans on visiting them again soon. Through the power of Facebook, she has managed to reconnect with family she lost touch with for decades. And, even though the circumstances defy description, she was lucky enough to be a part of an amazing day that reminded her that plan b can be more spectacular than the original.


Katie is fourteen this year and is now attending the same middle school as her brother. Surrounded by a great group of girlfriends, Katie is taking advantage of every opportunity these middle school years provides. Chalking, tp-ing, ice skating, hanging with friends…a magical time for her right now.


Danny continues to remind us to stop and enjoy the journey. He is in seventh grade and having a wonderful time with his friends at school. His thirteenth birthday was spent having the most perfect day on Disney’s Castaway Cay and will be a memory the entire family cherishes.


Jack, eleven, is in his last year of elementary school. Jack spent the year shining in school, while playing baseball, and shooting baskets. He is continuing to have an extreme Ken Caryl childhood.


Mulligan continues to fill our home with positive puppy energy. But not as rambunctiously, thank goodness!!!

We continue to be blessed with the people in our lives. Family, close friends (who are also our family), and the group of people that we might not have meet had our life been typical (who we all love like family)

Plan b.

Plan b can be more beautiful and memorable. It’s the memories you are supposed to have.

Never diss plan b.


Sure Laura, I will put it “on hold”


Normally when you hear something like that its for a super cool sweater or awesome piece of furniture.

In my world it means that I have started the process for Dan and my annual trek to the Cleveland Clinic to check in with Danny’s medical team.

So…there you have it.

I have a few appointments for the end of July on hold while I work on the hoops for the magic referral numbers again.

Yay yay yay…

You know what is the cure for the medical hoop jumping?

Out to dinner with dear friends.

Can’t wait!

Pictures of the typical….


There is so much of our life that isn’t typical….therapists and doctors visits.


There is so much of our life that is….

Because the world was ending (ha!) it seemed like a good day to take pictures of the typical….

Here you go….





















There you go.

A very typical day on Marrs.


A big blue sky Colorado day….


Anna made it over to hang with Danny today.

Yay yay yay!!!

I was able to do a bunch of last minute holiday stuff. Although, since the world is supposed to end tomorrow, it sure seems like a waste of time.


There was also time to grab a super quick run.

Yesterday it was windy, so cold, grey, and snowing.


Today was a completely different story. It was a day straight out of the colorado’s tourism brochure.



I hit Red Rocks in Morrison for a quick run. While they rarely clear the concert venue, the roads are always well plowed for decent melting.




I started at the bottom of the 750ish stairs that will get you to the top row.

It looked like this the entire way up.


Ha! Interestedly enough, apparently I was not the only person with the bug to hit those magic stairs. There was more than one set of foot prints all the way to the top.

But the snow packed and icy stairs are so worth the result …


Holiday shopping field trip…


Yesterday, the kids in Danny’s program at middle school went holiday shopping at the mall. It’s actually a great life’s skills teaching opportunity. The kids made a list, set a budget, and then hunted through the mall purchasing their treasures.

Danny will probably never understand money.

That’s ok.

Luckily there is a jump street at the mall. He, another boy in the program, two 8th grade mentors, and the adult para from school hit jump street before meeting the class at lunch time.

I has him packed up like he was heading on an airplane.

(The weather was cold, and he usually can’t do something until 2:00 in the afternoon.)

But you know what?

He made it!

He loved the bus ride there and back. He jumped his little heart out with his friends. He really enjoyed walking the mall with his friend. Michelle (the para from school) told me that Danny didn’t stop smiling the entire time. Well, except when he was killing half a box of sausage, four cupcakes, and two large chick fil a fries.

He had a great time.

But he is spent. He came home and asked for pjs. No buddy, lets put in sweats. Nope. None of that…thank you very much. Upstairs he went and dug out his favorite pair of footie pjs. Down he came, asking for help to put the pjs on.



He rallied.

And had a great day.

The things most kids take for granted…field trips with friends. For him to feel strong enough to rally. And to have the independence to walk the mall with a buddy…

He had a great day.

And didn’t need me once.

What a gift.

If you were to say that my children were growing up with….


A silver spoon in their mouths…

Technically you would be right. I just spent the morning polishing my everyday silver. I have picked up through the years mismatched silver. A couple of forks here a few spoons there. Garage sales, antique stores.

It’s my everyday silverware.

And I throw it in the dishwasher.

When it gets tarnished that even I can’t ignore it any longer…I’ll pull out the toothpaste and give it all a good scrub.

I also always use linen napkins.

Because life is too short not to use the good stuff everyday. No reason to save it for a special occasion. When I set a table for dinner or for a sit down dinner for 10- it looks the same.

(I also do not own drinking glasses. Mason jars my friend.)



Dan and I were up for most of the night…


If you’ve been around marrs for a while you know that this is nothing new.

But, here is a quick recap of our night.

At 2:00am- I hear Danny open the door to his room and head on downstairs. So, I am following him down the stairs before I even have my eyes open.

After a few minutes, I get Danny settled in front of his computer.

Bag of treasures—check.

Big drink of lemonade—check.

You hungry buddy? Nope. Ok

Big blanket all wrapped around him.

And…headphones for the desktop.

Ask me why.

It’s because that will keep him close to the computer so he can hear whatever Chinese Barney he finds on you tube. And, wait for it, I don’t have to hear the screeching.

I grab my phone. And earbuds. On goes pandora softy to drown out the rest of the noise. I grab a handful of blankets and a few pillows and snuggle up next to his chair.

There is a strategic reason. I have been known to dose and should I accidentally fall asleep, he has to get over me to leave the chair. (The alarm we have on the doors is set, so there is no way he is getting too far away from me)

I have also found it helps my sanity to pseudo start my day. So, it’s not unusual for my washer and dryer to be going in the middle of the night.

After a bit, about 5:00am, Danny decides to log off the computer and we nest.

Next thing I know, he’s out.


Poor kid was super cranky when I woke him this morning to attend school.

But he was a trooper.

He also started his day long before he was ready.