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It’s 5:00 somewhere….



Not much happening on Marrs today.

I’m not going to make it to book club this evening. Shoot. I emailed Jessica last night to let her know that d and I were having a long night. And for as much as I needed the run away- I would probably be snoring myself about the time book club started.

I shot her an email about 2:30am.

Danny and I were nested on the floor next to his computer and he was having a tough time socking out.

Poor kid was up most of the night with a few cat naps at midnight and then again at 4:00am.

After making sure Kate and Jack made it to school Dan and I spent a quiet day at home. Complete with the alarm on because I tend to be distracted easily on these days by any bright shiny object that might grab my attention.

But not only is it 5:00 somewhere….it’s 5:00 here and there goes the day. At least there goes the day for the thirteen year old red head who decided to hang with his old mom all night.


(Personally I don’t think we look too bad considering the amount of beauty sleep we totally missed out on…)

The storm in between the pockets of spring…..


Colorado gets these pockets of spring in between snow storms.

You just knew it was time for another snow… Our front yard had finally completely melted.

Luckily Mother Nature didn’t let us down.





Spring is returning tomorrow…

But today we are enjoying the snow.


Back to normal….


Or at least what passes for normal around here.

It’s Monday.

And on Mondays, we go to school.

All three Marrs kids.

Grumble grumble grumble.

But everyone went.

Even d. Between the crazy cold weather a few weeks back and then getting sick, he hasn’t really gone to school consistently since before break.

And he was not happy to attend today.

But after tears, I gave him the choice. That it was up to him. He felt strong enough, he could go to school to see his buddies. And when he had enough- school would text mommy and I would come and get him.

So, in he went.

I got out for a super quick zen run before the clouds rolled in over the hills.

I went back at 11:00am to pick him up.

Boy oh boy was he wiped out.

But he made it.


We will try again tomorrow.

Fingers crossed…

Even during lock down, I can sneak away for a little bit…


Ok, maybe lockdown is too strong a word.

But that is what it feels like.

Danny is finally beginning to feel better. If all goes well, we just might be back to what passes for normal here on Marrs starting on Monday.

I sure do hope so.

But at least we have had some lovely mild weather. I’ve been able to get on the back porch and repurpose a few things.

And, work was pretty quiet allowing Hugh to allow me to run away fit a couple of quick zen runs this week.




I might be able to start making plans on Monday….

Keep your fingers crossed.

Home Shop…


Danny is a bit under the weather.

No school or therapy this week.

Do you know what I do during the times he is in school or hanging with the ladies? Well, one of the places I go is the grocery store.

I never take Danny.

Mostly because its so germy. We’ve all done it. We have a kid that we run to the doc’s office. We find out if the have strep or the flu or just a tummy bug. And while we are out, lets just quick pop into the store for a few supplies to get us through. Popsicles. Advil. Chocolate for mom…you know…essentials.

So, this is the time of year I will use the delivery option more and more.

Part of the service, is they will bring your groceries into your house and put them in your kitchen.

Not on Marrs. Danny is sick and can’t afford to catch whatever they might be carrying on top of what he already has. Have I mentioned they are coming from the grocery store???

{shudder }

Anyway. The folks that have been there a while I get “hi Laura- how are things? How’s Danny?” And the groceries are waiting outside my garage.

But every once in a while, like today, there will be a new guy.

The looks I get when I tell them ” no, no- let me take that from you…” are priceless…

But, now we have supplies.



And chocolate




A pocket of spring….


It is an absolutely beautiful fifty degree big blue sky sunshiny day.

I just love the pockets of spring we get in between snows out here in Colorado.

It’s a quiet day on Marrs.

Jack is recovering from being under the weather and now Danny is down with it. Poor kid, it’s already been a super long day.

But it is a pretty one.

Even mulligan is happy. He found pockets of unmelted snow on out walk just a bit ago.



It is a good dog day….


Rebels vs the Tigers


You wouldn’t think that attending a fifth grade basketball game would be blog worthy.

Except in my life it is.

We divide and conquer here on Marrs.

I get school parties and sleepovers. Hugh gets the sports.

And circumstances mostly prevent my attendance.

But last night the planets aligned and I was able to catch most of the nail biter that was the match of the century.

Ok, not really.

But it was fun.





Jack’s team won.

Just barely.

I guess the youngest Marrs man managed to muscle his way to a rebound that has it gone to the other team the outcome might have been different.

Go Rebels!!!





I am so ready for this cold snap to break.

It’s supposed to. In theory, after days and days and days (ok, I can’t really remember how long it’s been but it feels like ages…) it’s finally supposed to warm up.

Danny, especially, has a very difficult time with the cold.

I have decided to keep him home from school again today. It’s just too cold to make that three minute walk from the car to the front door for him.



I am so ready to snowbird.

Just a few more years….