Monthly Archives: February 2013

Eight weeks…


Just eight weeks.

Eight weeks from today I am back on the east coast.

Humidity. Salt air. Warm.



Totally optional.

For a few days in eight weeks, the only person I will be responsible for is just me.

That’s it.


And if I choose to nap, I don’t have to arrange for help. I can go for a run in the thick air just because. I can have a beer at lunch. Someone else to make my bed….

Complete bliss.

In a week or so, I will hit the thrift store for trashy paperbacks. Only because reading my kindle while on the sand is problematic. Mostly because I like to plant my bottom directly on the sand right at the surf line.

Eight weeks.

I so can’t wait….


In spite of the weather- I ended up having a great day…


Yesterday was a good day.

Yeah, it was dumping snow making for a tricky drive to get the kids to school.


And Danny and I spent some quality time together watching the same 45 seconds of Barney over and over again.

But I also spent some time watching little Abbie hang out with my Mr Mulligan


And then we rested.


You know what else made it a fabulous day?

I nailed down exactly where i am going to be on my beach trip in eight weeks. Because that is what one does during a grey cold wintery day- one plans a beach trip. And one chats with family who is looking forward to catching up after thirty years.

There are mountain people and beach people. I happen to be a beach person who lives near the mountains.

The amount of peace I get being at the water’s edge can’t be described. And is something I look forward to. I always need to have a trip to the salt air on the calendar. Catching up with family after decades is just an extra special bonus.


Danny consented to go to sleep so I could run away to book club!!! It had been months since I have been able to hang with my favorite book worms.

I couldn’t stay long, life dictated I head back home after an hour.

But I think Melinda could make a small fortune if she could bottle the zen I was able to soak upon her family room.

Did I mention that there is only eight more weeks until I have humidity and salt air?!

I can totally make it through the rest of the winter.


Why hello there winter….


I haven’t seen you in a while. Come on in. Make yourself at home and stay a while….




I really do wish there were a way to share how hard it is snowing. It is really coming down out there.

Luckily we have a warm house and a big car so getting around in it isn’t too much of a problem. Although my visions of a quick run today have been put back on the shelf.

Stay warm!!!


Just a lovely quiet Saturday…..


It’s a typical Saturday here on Marrs.

And a much needed quiet one.

Mulligan especially enjoyed the quiet day at home with his people.

Hugh made it home this afternoon which allowed me to break in my new super obnoxious neon yellow please don’t hit me car running shirt.

It worked too, no cars took me out.

Snow again tonight and tomorrow.

But today?

Today was beautiful.








(I haven’t done one of these in a while. )

This week on Marrs, we

Caught many sunrises.


Met Abbie and acclimated to having a puppy around during the day. Positive puppy energy is the very best thing for the winter blues…


Danny never made it to school this week


But we did take advantage of the pocket of spring…


Because its February, winter came a knocking…. Luckily, Danny and I were not missing a single bit of the snow storm as it rolled in. He decided to spend the night watching the big fluffy flakes make their way down from the sky.


But last night we slept! I missed bunco, but we slept last night.

Happy Friday everyone!!!

I think we are going to start our day a little late….


Or super super early.

Danny and I spent some quality time together last night.

He watched the computer.

I watched the snow fall.

It is a winter wonderland out there this morning and still coming down.

Not enough snow to call school for the day, mind you. But it is enough snow for me to be a bit concerned about the drive.

So, I’m only going to make one. And I am going to do it a but later, allowing for the roads to clear up just that much more.


I need more caffeine.


Puppy play date….


Although it might not be considered a play date when we are planning to spend our days with little Abbie.

Abbie has settled in well.

(Abbie belongs to Jillian, one of the ladies who work with Danny and she is hanging out with us while Jillian works her day job)

Kate and I were chatting last night. About how we have people who come in and hang with us for a few years at a time. Like they live here and then move out.

Tracy (another member of Danny’s team) and I spoke of how they are in transition and I am the transition lady.

That I am around during their transition into their adulthood.

And I am.

And sometimes I get the additional benefit of positive puppy energy during the hardest part of the winter for me.




Spring is still officially over a month out…



The other day I found this silly cartoon in my inbox forwarded from a dear friend.

You would have to know me to appreciate how accurate a description this is of me.

The signs of spring aren’t the daffodils breaking ground or the crocus blooming or even the first robin.


It’s when you walk into the stores and find this year’s summer go to flip flops.

Because they never seem to last from one year to the next…


I’ve got mine, how about you?

Meet Abbie….


Jillian (Danny’s Jillian who went with us on our vacation last fall) decided to become a grownup and bought a condo recently.

And you know what one does when one buys a condo???

You guessed it!!!


Meet Abbie.

She is a sweet black lab boxer mix. You will be seeing a bunch of Abbie as she will be hanging with us during the day while Jillian works her other job.








I just love positive puppy energy!!!!!!