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Silly Saturday on Marrs….


I got the house cleaned.


After dropping Kate at the high school for the jv football game, we took Danny swimming.





I got out for a quick trail run. Well, it was quick as in short rather than my pace.

I had the trail all to my self…so totally worth going out in the heat of the day…






But it wasn’t all swimming pools and cheer leading.

The youngest Marrtian is down with the first case of the icky for the school. Poor Jack.


(The school year is only two weeks old. :(. Yikes!)


Hi Laura!! You two are everywhere….!


Danny and I took advantage of the eighty degree day and explored a bit of the neighborhood trails.


We made it almost two miles.

Although the last half mile back to the car….

But we made it!!!






We celebrated Danny being so tough with chick fil a fries and ice.

They have the very best ice to chomp on you know.


Happy homebound….


We have been very very very lucky to get eight good school years from the district.

We had eight years of not too many headaches. Which is more than most people with a child as complicated as Danny ever get.

But it all came to a crash yesterday.

Danny did not have a successful first week of school.

His para that he had for two years who could read him like a book…and was very proactive on the twinkle of impness in his eye…moved to Texas at the end of the school year last year.

And then the special education teacher who Dan liked and trusted also didn’t return. (She took another job in the district)

So, you would think that he had been in that school for two years, and the paras that were left…might have been better equipped to manage Danny.

Yeah, not so much.

I worked as an educational advocate for a while, and I can see a month or so down the road when placements blow up because staff is in over their heads.

Danny was on a situation that had the potential to get very ugly for him.

So, being proactive parents…Hugh and I along with Danny’s medical team made a decision about what to do with eighth grade.

Danny starts homebound today.

Well, unofficially.

We have started the paperwork with the district. There will be a few meetings and multiple phone calls until everything is all ironed out…should take about a month.

But we can also spend that month putting all of our ducks in a row.

Today is a ducks in a row day. Crazy busy day of paperwork and phone calls.

But it’s the right move.

It’s too bad.

He loved that school for two years.



It’s what all the cool roofs are wearing….




I know, I know.

You are totally jealous.

Yep, the hail storm not only got my car….my gutters…my screens…but it also ripped enough shingles off the top of my roof, that my roof no longer keeps water out of my house.

So fun.


It could have been worse…

We could have discovered it as the ceiling in the master bedroom came crashing into the bed….


This fall just got a bunch more busy.

I wonder at what age…..


Peeking in when my kids sleep don’t have me do the same warm fuzzies and awe that I had when they were infants….

Poor thing.

It’s her first week of high school….

I’m so excited….!!!


Well…. Hugh is allowing me to crash his run away from home weekend.

Because of the storm last year, he was able to get a number to the New York City Marathon. The race is the first weekend in November.

And he has a client, who scored him a room in the New York Athletic Club. It borders Central Park and it’s right at the finish line.

Last night he decided that it wouldn’t be the worst thing ever if I came out for the last thirty six hours of the weekend.

And because Jillian was willing to drop everything and hang at the house….

I get to go to NYC…for the first time ever!!!

While he is doing his thing, I am going to hit the Guggenheim and The Met…

So excited. 😉

I’m in a New York state of mind…..