Monthly Archives: September 2013



I am looking forward to January.

If you know me, you know how the above statement goes against beach loving me.

D and I have been awake for a few hours already at 3:00am this morning.

In between pandora (because even I can not take Barney for 21 hours straight) and my yawning…my mind wanders.

This morning my mind wandered to January.

In January, Danny and I head back to Cleveland to try to get a handle on why Danny doesn’t sleep, once and for all.

His insomnia isn’t recent.

Danny has never slept.

Not even as an infant.

The medication he is on for us to have a shot of squeaking out eight hours is enough to knock me out until next week.

If there is an organic reason….we will find it in January.

And just maybe….there is something we can do that is more effective than the crazy meds that don’t really work anyway.

Only another 50 minutes and I can wake Hugh so I can catch another hour or so before I have to begin my day.



Signs of fall….


The super cute boots come back out…

The leaves start to change….

I need slippers first thing in the morning because my floors are chilly….

And Danny “asks” to go to bed….

In the summer there is just too much to do and he feels strong and ready to go.

But that is starting to change…

It’s 4:44pm.



OMGosh….it’s not urban legend… it can really happen…


Most of the time when you have a special needs child…you spend your time trying to reconcile what services the powers that be are willing to provide with what your child needs.

But every once in a while…the planets align and the system works as it was intended.

Right now…

The planets are aligned.

And we are in this magical place where we are able to get for Danny what he needs.

Everything he needs….

Just so you know, this is so much better than making work what people are willing to provide.