Monthly Archives: October 2013

It’s been a quiet Halloween on Marrs.


Poor Danny.

If he is up for it, I will hit the neighbors homes and pass out balloons for him to trick or treat for to set free.

Some years we feel strong enough.


Not so much.

This year was a not so much year.

Truthfully, I’m not surprised.

We woke crazy early because he wanted to make sure the swing was still in the basement.

It was.

And it would have still been there at 5:00am…..

just saying….



Just a blissfully uneventful fall day….


What a lovely day.

I was able to get out for a quick zen run.


Jillian and Danny made yummy cupcakes.



(Although it is awfully hard to wait for them to be ready.)

And I even managed to be Momma Laura. I played chauffeur for Katie and a couple of her friends. Apparently they had a hankering for Noodles.



omgosh….I am ready for a nap….


Channeling a typical stay at home mommy has me ready for a nap.


So, I have shared that Jillian is back in the house almost full time. 


I don’t quite know what to do with myself.


I spent the first week and a half doing things like giving my car attention and cleaning out rooms. 




Now, I am spending my days going for a run, going to the grocery store (I realized it had been six or eight weeks since I actually stepped foot inside a King Soopers), showering, and giving Mr Mulligan a walk.

All things a typical stay at home mommy does. 

I also spend a bit of time everyday on the phone.  This is a busy time of year running down referrals and getting our paperwork for the state together.  But luckily I can make those calls on the go. 


But I a one tired camper at the end of my day.  Holy cow!  I totally need a nap.


Maybe that’s what I will do tomorrow when Jillian arrives…..