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It’s time for Zophran….


Poor poor kid.

My poor poor red head.

He slept all last night.


The poor guy is sick.


So, for those of you keeping track…

Danny has a compromised immune system in addition to the mito.

And our Cleveland trip is five days away.

The poor kid’s body is already under stress. There is no telling what he might pick up on the plane.

Just damn.

So we are hunkered down.

And ringing in the new year at home.


With our fingers crossed that this blows over fast.

And I don’t catch this….



Why I run….


I am not a runner.

I am definitely not what anyone would consider hard core.

But after napping for a couple of hours, I did use some of Jillian hanging with Danny time today to get to red rocks.

Did I mention I’m not a runner?

I have friends who are.

They ran track in college.

I even married a runner.

But I don’t run for the sake of the run….

It has to be outside.

And I don’t care for trails or concrete.

I spend my time on the roads.

And all by myself.

I don’t run long distances…between my old feet and my lack of real away from it all time…it’s only a couple of miles a day.

(And it takes the first mile for me to find my stride and turn off my brain.)

I run because it is the only time I am not responsible for any other breathing being.

If I went for a hike I would feel guilty about not bringing the dog.

So, today, after only a few hours of sleep…I laced up my sneakers and popped my earbuds in.



So totally worth it, don’t you think?

“Take another road
To a hiding place
Disappear without a trace
Take another road
to another time.

On another road in another time
Like a novel from the five and dime

Take another road another time….”



It’s 3:50am.

D and I have made our way back down to the basement.

In preparation for our Cleveland appointment, I’ve started stepping down Danny’s night time meds.

He never has slept well, even on all the drugs we will still be awake more times than not.

So, off the meds he goes. And to have them completely out of his system so the sleep study as up why he has never slept is accurate.

Poor kid has has a few twenty minute cat naps all night.

But the puppy was thrilled to pieces not to be confined to the crate. She slept all night.



It’s going to take my old body a few days to adjust to this new sleep pattern.

Only thirty five more minutes and I can wake Hugh so I can catch ninety minutes in bed so I am coherent until Jillian gets here and I can get a few more hours under my belt…


(It’s a good thing I love him…I don’t do all nighters anymore for just anybody)


Buttoning up Cleveland details….



Right before Christmas, I got a message from the pre-admission department at the clinic wanting to fill in missing information for Danny’s admit on the 7th…

I put it off, but it was time to put on my big girl panties and finishing working out the details.

So- flight into Cleveland arriving late Sunday the 5th….check.

Car rental (only a bit tricky as we are flying home from a different airport)…check.

All admission information given…check.

Hotel for Sunday and Monday night…..check.

Finding location of first outpatient appointment Monday the 6th….check.

Locating someone willing to deliver chick fil a fries to the hospital while we are there….check.

After my run today, I am off to target to pick up more zip up jammy’s that Danny will live in while we are there.

And then all I have to do is shop and pack the food he loves that I haven’t yet been able to locate in Cleveland, download movies, pick up a few treasures to get us through the part of the plane ride where we can’t have electronics…..

Have I sighed yet????



Happy Boxing Day….


And it is a lovely fifty degree….it seems more like spring than Christmas….day.

So, we’ve been taking advantage.



(Look carefully at the floor, Bogey is all wrapped up in Danny’s blanket)




Poor Bogey needed a nap as it was a crazy long walk over to the school playground.



Best part of the day happens a bit later. That is when Katie’s bff’s and their families are joining us for a stone soup sort of dinner made with Christmas Day leftovers.

Can’t wait!!!


It was MY perfect Christmas…


I had positive puppy energy…


We opened presents…





We spent a few hours with some of my favorite people in the world….




(We did catch up with their sister Jessica earlier that week)


And (best of all) it felt more like spring than Christmas allowing me to try out my new running gloves…


And my Christmas jammys…rock!!!






I had just uploaded this post, and i walked into the other room…

I wasn’t the only one who had a perfect Christmas.


(Mulligan and Bogey)