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I aged two years today :-/


Jack has gotten out of the habit of taking his phone with him when he leaves the house.

(That’s important later.)

This afternoon, I look out the window and see the middle schoolers that ride the bus with Jack…walking.

But I don’t see Jack.

I wait a minute or two.

And then I hop in the car, leaving Kate to watch Danny, and go hunting down the youngest Marrtian.

I stop and ask Megan, who lives down the street, if she saw Jack on the bus.

She couldn’t remember.

So, I drove down to the middle school.

The nice lady at the office paged Jack.

No sign of him.

By this time I am starting to get really worried.

It is not like Jack at all to not come right home after school. He’s happy to book it back out of the house but he has never once not come home first.

It’s a rule, you know.


I get back in the car and start to drive home.

I have one more place to check, and then I am going home to call 911.

As I was driving, Kate calls

I talk with her for just a minute before my phone dies.

He’s home!!!

Oh thank goodness.

Kate lets him have it for not calling and telling me what’s going on. “Do you have any idea how worried mom is???”

Poor Jack.

He misplaced his favorite broncos hat and since he went to look for it, he missed the bus.

He walked home.

It was cold and windy today.

And had begun to snow again.

“I’m so sorry mom.”

It’s ok buddy.

I’m just so very grateful you are home safe….

Just so you know, he has promised me that he will not leave the house without his charged phone again.

You just never know what is going to strike Danny’s fancy…


My dear friend Leslie mentioned a few days back, that she was purging some Christmas decorations.

And we got to chatting…

You see, they were western themed decorations.

Danny likes Christmas….

Danny likes cowboys….

This afternoon, in between her life, Leslie dropped in with a couple of treasures.

A cowboy Santa and his Gal Friday sidekick who also is playing her guitar.

You know what?

They have made Danny’s collection.

That is quite an accomplishment.

Some things I can predict that Danny will collect…

All things farm, rubber ducks, and Van Gough…

But the rest is hit or miss…

These were hit right out of the park!!!

Thank you Leslie.

He loves them.





Even in shades of grey, it’s so pretty here…


We didn’t get enough snow to have a snow day.


But we did get enough to make everything all pretty.


The best part about blogging?

I have an excuse to remember to take pictures of the everyday. Not just at the holidays or during birthdays.

All of these I snapped super quick with my iPhone as I was running errands.

I live in such a pretty area.







Just your typical every day on Marrs….


Kate decided that my new boots were super cute and totally worthy to be worn…


Bogey and Mulligan hung out…


Miss Bogey was all puppy and offered the box of tissues no mercy…


Jillian came by after her classes so I could pop out and catch a quick zen run before this evening’s snow storm blows in…


Here it comes over the hills…


Danny is looking forward to a fresh blanket of snow to snack on…


(And yes, we never bothered to get out of pjs today.)


And Jack?


He is twelve.

And is very twelve…



I have white chili in the crock pot…


A fire going…


The noisy geese are flying over our house looking for the perfect spot to ride out the incoming storm….

It’s starting to come down just a bit.

I don’t know which one of us is more hopeful that we get a dumping of snow tonight….

We are all ready for a snow day.

Keep your fingers crossed the predictions of the totals are right….


Its a Lyndsey day…


In an effort to share a more realistic view into our life as a Marrtian, I am about to do a TMI post.

My biggest pet peeve is that moms of special needs children are somehow better than your average mom. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have met some moms of both typical children and children with struggles who are¬†mind boggling with their overall goodness…I’m just not one of them…

My body has aged. 


I blame the stress as much as the kooky sleep pattern.  And not the stress of taking care of the kids, but rather the stress of dealing with the system that was put into place to help families like ours.

I went through menopause by¬†my forty second birthday.¬† Which isn’t unheard of, its just on the crazy early side.¬†¬†

I also have this strange neurological condition that has my doctors stumped.  

When I am overwhelmed, it manifests itself in these funny spells. 

They are characterized by neuropathy (pins and needles) that starts in my fingers and toes and will work its way up my body.¬† At the same time,¬†my hands and feet don’t work right…I¬†have trouble opening¬†jars for example.¬† If left unchecked,¬†it will progress to¬†sun sensitivity (I break out into hives when the sun hits my skin).¬† Luckily I have only had a couple of spells¬†get that bad,¬†it is so incredibly¬†miserable.¬†

The spells are a physical reaction to me being spread too thin. 

Now, at the first sign¬†of the tingling, we make an effort to quickly simplify my life for a bit to nip them in the bud… because that is the only way to battle them.

The last one I had was in the fall, I was just trying to do too much because I have such a hard time saying no to people.


A few years back, I made it a priority to carve out time to undo what the stress of our life is doing to me physically.

Because I need to be here for a while. 

All three kids need me.

And Danny will need me to be more involved in his life, longer than the other two.

But, I don’t have to do it looking like my mother complete with a full head of grey hair….





I’m in the kitchen making Danny’s breakfast.

And watching for Jack’s school bus.

Because it is a very chilly morning….winter has decided to revisit Marrs.


After much discussion, I managed to cajole Jack into wearing a hat and gloves because the temperature is this…


As I was watching out my kitchen window…I saw a young man in shorts….


Even though I couldn’t talk Jack into a coat to go over his favorite Bronco sweatshirt…I am grateful he did manage to put on a pair of jeans…

It’s a snowy Monday on Marrs….


So we had a “just hanging out” day.


But then the new tv that we are going to watch the Broncos play in the Super Bowl came….

It took a while to put it all together.



And then the dogs got distracted by the box…


Danny is thrilled the old living room tv has been moved to the basement.


Mulligan and Bogey have been so good all day….see….



And that’s how we spent some of our day.

The snow is coming down pretty hard now. Hopefully Jillian and the rest of the Marrtians get home safely.



I am sitting here watching Downton Abbey.


It is the best time of the week.

The rest of the family has gone to bed.

This week on Marrs….

Poor Danny is finally feeling better…but he is so very tired. Rotten mito.


Little miss bogey sassy pants is wiggling her way more into our hearts….


I caught up with my favorite ladies and did a bit of facelifting around the house….



I even managed to get out for a few zen runs even though my poor left foot is just screaming….



I am off to catch up with Downton Abby.

My blessings are many.