Monthly Archives: March 2014

Happy last day of March…


It was also the last day of spring break.

Kate started the day early by catching sunrise at red rocks….it was so pretty mom….

Yes it is.

Jillian made it over so I could get out for my own red rocks pretty time…


And Jillian took Mr D for a quick swim…


And then it was time for another quick facelift on Marrs.


It’s about time that rotten pantry gets some attention.



How we spent the beautiful seventy degree spring day on Marrs…


It was a perfectly ordinary drama free day….


A run….


A quick trip to the dog park…



After spending quality time with Dan, Hugh continued to be super dad after spending the morning at the office….


Danny talked me into just one more box of sausage for dinner. He’s watching to make sure I don’t change my mind….


I’m hearing voices again…. ;)


I like to repurpose things.

I will pick up something, usually not because of what it is…but because of what it tells me that it wants to be.

Sometimes a piece of furniture will hang out for years until I can hear it clearly….

But most of the time, something will speak to me and I quick change it before it takes it’s spot in the house.

I found two of these cool vintage porch screen doors. Complete with neat old hardware.


So, yesterday Kate and I picked them up and brought them home.

Now they look like this….



A cute and functional way to hold our grilling and firepit stuff.



It’s spring….



I think I look forward to the thaw more than the kids.

I’m actually sure that I am the Marrtian that most looks forward to spring.

I’m all done with winter right after every Christmas.

Finally the weather is starting to cooperate with my state of mind.






I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love it when the sheets smell like sunshine rather than the dryer.



Meeting Snow White…


Ten years ago…

We had a doctor appointment one summer at UC Irvine trying to nail down why Danny kept having unexplainable regressive episodes. The doc’s office was just one exit up the freeway from Disney land.

We decided to all go and spend two days in Disney after.

Kate was 4.5, Danny was 3.5, and Jack was 20 months old.

Kate was right in the middle of princess time. She was so excited.

For a few months before the trip, if I caught her being good, I would stick a quarter in a jar. Right before the trip, we would take the jars to the bank and turn it into money to but treasures.

Her favorite princess was Snow White. I wouldn’t let her bring her Snow White dress up to wear at Disney, the car was crazy crowded, but she did bring her red bow. And she spent days before we left crafting the perfect note to give her.

Disney was magical. At the time, we were able to enter rides at the exits, completely bypassing lines and the crowd. So the day was amazing for all of us. For the first time ever, we vacationed as a typical family. It was because of this trip and how accommodating Disney was, when I became such a big fan of traveling with Disney.

Anyway, the longest (only) lines we stayed on were to meet the princesses. Kate (in her Snow White bow) and I stood in line and met Cinderella, jasmine, and Snow White.

We decided to take a break and go back to the hotel for a nap so we could go back and see the parade.

“Mom, I forgot to give snow white her note….”

That’s ok honey, we will just take it with us when we go back and give it to her then.

After napping, back we went.

And the first thing we did, was find Snow White to give her the note.

We all went this time. Kate waited patiently for her turn and had another conversation with her favorite princess.

And you know what that princess asked my daughter?

“Where is your bow?”

This lady playing Snow White after meeting hundreds of little girls, remembered and connected with my daughter.

She was walking on air the rest of the trip.

We all were.

We were in the middle of a nightmarish early intervention schedule. We were beyond broke. Danny regressions were still a mystery…

But for that day…we were a typical family having a magical day at Disney.

It was a perfect day.