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The day on Marrs…


We all practiced balancing by standing on a can.


Kate is flying for the first time. (Crazy for a varsity cheer btw) and it was suggested she practice her balance by standing on a can.

Not to be outdone….Jack tried.,,,



But didn’t quiet make it…

Then the pool.

Before the storms blew in.

Luckily Dan consented to the “little pool”




And then we spent the rest of the day avoiding the ” change in weather” headache.



What a ‘great day!!!!’n

D makes an impression….



I heard from Marisa today.

She’s one of the amazing women that have come through the house over the last dozen years.

At her daughter’s day care today there was going to be a puppet show explaining to these young kids about folks with disabilities.

She piped up with….

“One time my mom took us to this boy’s house with orange hair. And he couldn’t talk. My mom tried to help him but it didn’t work, so he just grew up to be a no talking boy!”

She went on to explain disability as….

“It is when you can’t do something the same way other people can”

What’s the saying?

Everything I ever needed to know, I learned in kindergarten?

This little peanut hasn’t even entered kindergard yet….

She’s a child prodigy.


Yes, even stubborn me will give in and visit a doc….




Almost a year ago I started having pain into left foot.

I’ve got swelling and discoloration on the top middle part of my foot. And it hurts.

Now, anything past resting and icing it is problematic because of our life and the demands on my time.

But it’s not getting better on its own.

So now it’s time to see someone and have some medical intervention.

I’m not without some skill. I’ve researched what I am probably dealing with. And it was that research that sent me back to the doc today for a referral. (I’ll let you know if I was right after my appointment August 15th)

So, for the next three and a half weeks, I’m wearing this to try to keep my foot immobilized (trying to prevent further injury) until I can chat with orthopedics and see what they want to do.


Yes, it’s what all the hip moms are sporting.

But it’s better than the boot she first spoke about.


Seat 11 and 12….


So I’m sitting here hanging out tonight reading my kindle.

Kate is out. The boys are inside. I’m taking a few minutes.


I look up and notice Hugh’s old Mile High seats.

His family has had season tickets to the Broncos for donkey’s years.

And, a few years back, when they decided to replace Mile High….they offered season ticket holders an opportunity to buy “their seats.”

Oh gosh….it was a crazy splurge, we had no money …but I bought Hugh his seat.

The last home game he attended he marked up the bottom of his chair.

We were curious to see if the folks in charge would actually go to the trouble of pairing people with their actual seats.

You know what?

They totally did.


And now, we have a piece of Denver history right here in our back yard.


They are heavy and a major pain to move but still totally worth having.