Monthly Archives: August 2014

Let the 2014-2015 school year commence…


Kate is a sophomore….


Jack is in 7th grade and a very typical twelve year old boy….


Danny is a freshman this year, but he’s caught a bug so we are skipping the first week so he can get better.


Which is good.

We can settle into a back to school morning routine before I have to add Danny attending in the mix.


I needed a new picture….


Danny accidentally pulled a floating shelf away from a wall in our powder room….

And, couldn’t touch up the paint after parching because I no longer had the wall color.

Truthfully, I don’t feel like reprinting the bathroom just yet…

So Kate and I went on a quest.

Today, I turned this…


(A picture from the thrift store with vinyl letters purchased from Hobby Lobby)

Into this…



I can’t believe it all got done yesterday…..



We hit the high school and ran into Danny’s buddy Aaron.



I ran a bunch of errands while Jillian hung out with D.



I visited the party store with a couple of my favorite cheers to pick up a few things for the evenings cheer bonding.


We got a few extra balloons to set free.


Registration for Jack.


And then doing my share of this…


For this….



I was wiped out when we got home.


T minus six days….


Less than a week and we are back in school.

None of us are looking forward to it.

You know how I know?

Today we bought school supplies.

We used to buy them right when the came out because the kids were so excited.

Not anymore.


Now they have turned into their mother’s children and wish for another two months from summer.


Like visiting an old friend…



I did something to my left foot about this time last fall.

And I’ve been doing all the right things…taking it easy, elevating it, ect.

After months of not getting better, I finally caved and am checking in with medical folks again. I have an ortho appointment Friday morning.

Hugh chatted with a friend of his who also happens to be a radiologist that specializes in sports injuries.

He told us what he thinks it is.

And then told me to go blow up my foot so I am symptomatic at my appointment on Friday…

So after months and months and months off….

I’m back.

At my gym;)


I’m not moving very fast.

But I am loving every minute of my very slow left foot throbbing pace.


It was a park day….


For the dogs-


For Danny-



And for Katie-


Although in her case, it was Park Meadows Mall. She and her buddies were on the hunt for this year’s Homecoming dress. I know, it seems silly to buy one’s dress before school even starts. But Kate is a varsity cheer and homecoming is early this year…,there just no other opening on the calendar.


Standing near the center of attention….


Today we got to the pool before the rumbling clouds sent us back home.

Poor d was not ready to leave.

And he grumbled about it once we got him out of the pool.

You have to develop thick skin to be a Marrtian.

Because d is almost constantly the center of attention.

People constantly watch him and by extension the rest of us.

And sometimes it crosses the line into staring.

I’m not going to lie to you. Just because I don’t comment on it to you, it doesn’t mean that it’s not bothering me.

Rest assured, it bothers me….it always has.

And I can only imagine how much it has to bother him, to know that he is constantly under scrutiny.