Monthly Archives: December 2014

Holiday crowds have been EVERYWHERE…


At the stores before the holidays.

At the stores exchanging treasures after the holidays….

At the aquarium yesterday because that is what happens when you mix a cold but it’s stopped snowing so the roads are good post Christmas Saturday.

At the flipping grocery store today because we all apparently ran out of food at the same time…


But not here.


Thank goodness.

The walls were closing in so I bundled up to resemble the stay puff marshmallow man. And I got to try out my new crazy warm gloves. Money might now buy happiness but it does buy amazingly warm “OMGosh I can’t believe I’ve been trying to layer the dollar ones to keep my hands warm” gloves.

Unfortunately, I hit the grocery store to restock our bare cupboards after rather than before my hike.

OMGosh the crazy crowds!!!

I’ve enjoyed the holidays this year.

I’ve loved having everyone home.

But I will be glad when everyone goes back to normal so I can get back to our routine and lack of people everywhere.

December 22nd….


Not too shabby.

Except for picking up Danny’s balloons and what we will eat for a couple of days early Christmas Eve…

I am finally done.

I resolve every year to become one of those crazy organized types that picks their Christmas presents through out the year.

But it’s just not for me.

Because even when I do manage to pick something up, I forget that I bought it and stashed it away.

I end up finding it about February.

My first reaction is shoot.

But then I get excited to think I could give it to them for Easter.

Uh yep.

I find the present again in June.


With two whole days left I’ve got decked halls, and treasures under the tree.


Happy National Sangria Day….


We celebrated by making Carmel Apple White Wine Sangria for our neighborhood’s progressive Christmas party.


I didn’t realize (ok I knew or sort of) how long it’s been since I’ve been able to catch up with my favorite folks.


Crazy how there is a disconnect between Marrs and the rest of the world.