“5 sausage”



If you are local, you might have seen a very handsome redhead and his old mom wandering our local health food store as we were out of sausage and lemonade.

Danny has a pretty restricted diet. He’s basically intolerant to food. No gluten, dairy, soy, corn, or peanut.

But, we have managed to find some favorite foods.

Today he and I successfully attempted shopping.

We bought

“1 pizza” (sauce)
“4 fries”
“5 sausage”
“1 cookie”
“1 candy”
And “3 lemonade”


~We keep Danny out of the regular grocery store…both because it’s crazy germy and because it’s full of tempting food that he just can’t eat. But the local health food store is small so he can cover all of it without getting too tired and filled with reenforcing foods.

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