Baby Susie’s stocking…


I’m sitting here reading my kindle next to the fire place realizing baby Susie’s stocking is making me smile.

My sister in law knitted these amazing family stockings years ago when we were all having kids.

They are amazing.




If you look closely at Katie’s you will see a pink baby sock attached.


That is Baby Susie’s stocking.

Katie got Baby Susie from my dear friend Debbie when Danny was born. And Baby Susie was a godsend.

And instantly became an important part of the family.

So much so that she attended school in Kate’s backpack everyday until Katie was in third grade. And she attended the first week or so until sixth grade.

We still have Baby Susie.

Katie already talks about having her in Kate’s senior picture.

And I am sure she will continue to be there for Katie as she moves out.

And that requires kind of love requires Baby Susie a place of honor amongst our stockings….for fifteen years now.


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