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Where’s mom…..


Danny is nonverbal.

And not for lack of trying. Boy, the amount of speech therapy intervention boggles my mind when I think back on it.

He has pretty significant apraxia. When we did his genome mapping, the genes associated with apraxia were lit like Christmas trees.

But every once in a while….

Words fall out of Danny’s mouth. Actual totally appropriate to the situation words will fall out.

It happened the other day at Dr Pam’s.

Kate and Danny went ahead while I checked us in and paid the copay.

Clear as day Danny asked Kate “where’s mom?”

(Only, I guess, the words were all run together “wheresmom”.)

I wish I hadn’t been “lost”. I would have loved to hear his voice.


To get things done quickly, you have to be on people’s radar….


In addition to hanging with d during the day, I spend some time following up with folks on Danny’s behalf.

The politically correct term is “advocating for d”


So I’ve been working on adaptive strollers for Danny since last summer…researching what would best fit with our lives and how we want to use them….gathering paperwork for the different funding sources we will access to pay for them…ect.

In early December I was finally able to turn it all over to the durable medical equipment folks.

I called this week just to check in and see if there was a fire I needed to put out.

There was.

January 1st there was a change in how Medicaid will approve things. And yay us, we were doing things the old way. And the wheel chair folks had a big stack of paperwork Danny was sitting in the middle of.

And I’m not going to lie.

I got the distinct impression that it would have been another four weeks until I heard about it.

Fortunately, because I was on Lisa’s radar we found out that Danny’s paperwork could be grandfathered in as long as it is submitted by the end of the week.

I sure hope Lisa is successful getting it done.


And done…


Now, I’m qualified to sit for the state licensing boards.

And I gotta tell you.

This was hard to get through.

Not because of the material….the material was easy cheesy.

But because of having to be on someone’s schedule who wasn’t Danny in addition to hanging with Danny.



But we are all done now.

Next step?

Pass the state test.

Winding down CNA training….


So, have I told about the amazing diverse group of women I am taking my cna class with?

(And I am so grateful we are almost done but holy Ike…the lives these women lead)


I’m me.

And my practice partner is Jennifer who is my age stay at home mom needing a job.

Sammy is a 17 year old kid wanting to work through college and wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

Lauren who is working through college to be a geriatric ot. Nice kid in her early 20s

We have a couple of women who are new to the United States. One who is here with her daughter from Siberia and one with her husband and son from Ghana.

Then there are the pasco (like me) folks. Claudia single mom (just lost her job) will be her daughter’s cna. Deanna will be working with her boyfriend of 22 years who had a stroke.

Then there is Lupe, a single mom, who works housekeeping right now looking for a promotion

It is so far from ken caryl.

They won’t make enough for what they will be asked to do.

I’ve really enjoyed meeting and hanging with them for the past seven weeks.