Everyone should have a cousin that teaches apush (ap us history)


And is willing to spend a few hours of their time every week teaching the chapters and how to take multiple choose tests.

Kate (as a sophomore) is taking ap us history.

You know what?

There is a niece of ours that teaches ap us history for a living….

I asked her for a bit of help for miss Kate.

She came by tonight and has arranged with Katie Bear a schedule that gets them through the ap test.

Kate, who was mortified that I enlisted Amanda during Boxing Day lunch for some help, thanked me this evening for actually doing it.

She understood more about chapter 21 after ninety minutes with Amanda than she’s understood the entire first semester.

So they are going to continue to hang out all the way to the ap test.

And Amanda is one of my two very favorite nieces.

So, I (we) can’t wait to hang with her during an “I love you” gift as she won’t accept a “thank you so much for giving up your free time” gift.

Either one works.

But I would have totally accepted the later.


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