Danny is nonverbal.

But sometimes the apraxia disappears and we are able to “chat”

It happened again this morning.

Last night I set d up in bed with only one book.

This morning I brought MOST of that book back down. (It’s been loved to taters and the pages are falling out)

Poor d.

He’s all out of sorts because the book isn’t complete.

I hunt.

And hunt.

And hunt some more.

And I’m frustrated because the “book” was intact when he socked out or else we would have been addressing it last night.

Katie pulls her brother aside and talks to him this morning before school. He’s signing “book” repeatedly.

What book she asks him.

He TELLS her quite clearly and loudly “BEDBOOK”

Just as clear as day.

The words are falling right out of his mouth right now.

It’s such a gift.

But it is heart stopping to hear his voice.


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