Monday is my test for my state certification to end the pursuit of my CNA.

Jack imparted his test taking wisdom tonight.

“First, mom, you answer all the questions you know….and skip the ones you don’t. Then go back and fill on a…b…b…a…c….”

There was a visual aide just in case I needed it.



All Marrtians have worked hard so I pass this silly test.

I’m way beyond ready.

But even if I completely choke, I can take skills again (because I’m crazy old and I struggle to remember that today is Friday let alone the seventeen steps with assisting with bedpan….sigh)


We will keep our collective fingers crossed for Monday.

And I have a written test plan provided by the youngest Marrtian who is, in fact, taller than I just in case I draw a complete blank as to the scope of practice that a cna actually has…which is none btw…which is SO much different as “mom”


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