Less than a week…


There hasn’t been a Hugh sighting recently.

That’s because he is everyone’s favorite CPA. And it’s tax season.

Every year for about ten weeks he disappears a bit.

Now he still is being an amazing dad.

He is on the coaching staff of Jack’s baseball team.

He does what he can to put on his math brain to help Kate with her geometry.

And, he works his hours to be home to spend time with Danny before he goes to bed.

But he’s having to put in fourteen (yes, actually fourteen) hour days.

So if you count backwards from 6:00pm…. He is going to work the time of night that we used to be getting home back in the day a lifetime ago when we worked bar shifts.

But in less than a week the all the working all the time…even Saturdays and Sundays can be put to bed for another year.

It’s a good thing too.

While we all understand the nature of the business, our kids have always known that tax day is April 15th, we do miss him while he’s working the crazy hours.


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