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  1. Awesome! I’m really trying to teach my son to swim. Spent $$$ on a special needs one on one instructor and she was horrible. I’m planning to put him back in lessons this summer. Glad you got out 🙂


  2. Hang tough, you will find someone perfect.

    We spent ages teaching Danny to swim. It made no difference when he was little of the water were 12 inches or 12 feet…such a scary thing to watch him sink like a stone. We started with regular swim lessons (someone additional was 1-1 with Danny). The guard teaching the lessons and Danny just connected. He adored her and the feeling was mutual, so we hired her privately to teach him how to swim. She had no prior special needs training (most of the folks that interact with Danny in the house don’t.) He looks most at home in the water. He doesn’t have a traditional looking stroke (he couldn’t swim freestyle of his life depended on it) but it is functional.

    He’s the kid I worry about least should he “fall off the boat”



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