Monthly Archives: May 2015

Hello there Marrs family….


We finally made it. 
This afternoon everyone went in different directions. 
Danny and I tried to get to the “big pool”.  Not so much a good idea. 
So, we came back home. Chilled for a bit. Had a huge lunch and more CoQ10….

And we tried again. 
This time we were more successful. 
We entered the pool easily, swam in the deep end for an hour (phew, I don’t know about Danny, but I am tired), and exited beautifully after an hour. 
Tomorrow we repeat. 
Hopefully without the rain on our heads. 

It was garage sale day in the hood…


and Hugh insisted I go out and find a new treasure. 
I found two. 
A $10 chandelier. 

I removed the wiring…added $1 landscape solar lights, scotch guarded the shades and…



A little bit of paint and distressing to bring those colors back out  and now it’s home. 

So fun.  
And there’s still time to hit the pool. Maybe Danny will consent. 

Last Momma Danny Excellent Adventure until school is out….


The Georgetown Loop:)





The Georgetown Loop Railroad® was one of Colorado’s first visitor attractions. Completed in 1884, this spectacular stretch of three-foot narrow gauge railroad was considered an engineering marvel for its time.
In 1973, the Colorado Historical Society began restoring the railroad as part of its 978-acre Georgetown Loop Historic Mining & Railroad Park.
Georgetown Loop Railroad

They are starting to test their wings….


we have one baby that is maybe a day older than the others. A day is a long time in a baby robin’s life. 

(These are the babies now. No room to hang out past the worm delivery for momma robin.)

Not going to lie, as much fun as it’s been to have them, I’m ready to be able to hang on my porch without fear of the dive bomb. 

We took advantage of the break between the storms to “stretch like a bullfrog”


Otherwise known as getting some much needed exercise. 🙂
Chatfield is way over its banks…
(Bathrooms and parking lot at the swim beach)   

Cotton Woods doing their best imitation of mangroves. 

They have been cooped up and desperate needed the run.  

Always fun to hang with a couple of my favorite men.  

Finally….a chance to take this bad boy out for a test drive….


The amount of time it takes to get things done sometimes can be frustrating. 
But,  you learn to adapt. 
Last summer, we realized that Danny was well on his way to out growing the adaptive jogging stroller we have used and loved for almost seven years. 
So I started researching. Once I found one that met most of our needs…then it was time to gather letters of medical necessity….then my appointment for allocating some of Danny’s budget…then the appointment with the durable medical equipment….the paperwork there…the denial….the funding….and finally…voila….
Almost a year later and we are on our way to Starbucks for breakfast. 


You know the best way to end a week that started…


….with Hugh leaving for a ten hour drive to Iowa at 4:00am on Monday so he makes it in time for his uncles funeral????


While it was too cold and rainy to break in the new back garden dining set…we totally adapted. 
It helped that we blew through 5 or 6 bottles of wine. 
And the plans we made….

I think I agreed to run a half and a field trip to celebrate Vicki’s next birthday????