Daily Archives: 05/13/2015

It’s been almost two weeks…



And the robins are still here. Momma is quite cheeky and will chirp at me from the lawn if I happen to exit the house when she is getting something to eat. Papa robin can be found close by keeping an eye on all of us. 

If we are going to get babies, according to the Internet it should happen within the next five or so days. Fingers crossed…..



Raising teens is an interesting experience. 
They make me laugh. 
But sometimes it can be challenging. 
Danny, especially, has been “intense” the last few days. Beyond doing the typical….you can’t  tell me what to do because now I’m bigger than you…thing. 
But, all behaviors are communication. 
His, the last few days, were telling us that he didn’t feel well. 
So, we are sticking close to Marrs for the next few days.