Monthly Archives: June 2015

Family pictures….


The kids are getting so big. The boys especially are towering over Kate and I right now. 

We have been trying for months to schedule a family picture. But between sports and the weather….

Anyway, the last of our “structure” for our week at the beach was family pictures this evening. We did everything we could to make sure Danny was successful. Only one swimming today, lots and lots of time inside out of the heat…..

We get the pictures at the end of the week, but all three kids were amazingly cooperative. 



Bunco 3….


What exactly is bunco???

It’s so complicated to anyone that isn’t us, especially since I think it’s been years since we actually played. 

But if you have to know,  it’s a group of women who have known each other for almost a decade.  

It’s a safe place for us, no matter how frequently we can show. 

It’s just “bunco”

I heart these ladies.   They are my tribe. 

I have no idea how I would have gotten through the last almost decade without them. 

Funny, if you think about how we were all thrown together due to how we moved into the neighborhood and the numbers we decided to cap it for the evite.  

Who helped drive the cheers to camp last minute….


We did. 

I gotta tell you, even though it was during what is traditionally known as Danny’s bad time of day…and we were desperately trying to skirt the funnel cloud on the way home…

He and I had a blast. 

We talked about the farms, and the horses, and the cows…

Danny totally dug Greeley. 


It is actually blog worthy…


silly and ridiculous 

But you wound not believe the discussions to take Jack in to get a haircut. 

Unfortunately the child inherited my unruly hair. And that requires so much more maintenance than he may be motivated to do as he is a thirteen year old male. 

I’m hoping we struck a nice compromise between the short dad is insisting on, and the longer Jack prefers. 


I am hoping some day he doesn’t see me as a big of a pain as he does right now.  

At least I can still find his lost phone.