In honor of Fathers Day…


I am married to the most amazing dad on the planet. 

Hugh doesn’t make the blog frequently as he is a pretty private man. 

The stastitcs of divorce among those  of us with children who have challenges are staggering.  The pressures of raising a child that is different can sometimes destroy marriages. 

And while life has had its bumpy moments, Hugh’s absolute devotion to our children never waivered. 

Yesterday, for example, after he held down the fort Friday night so I could take Kate and her team to the hills….he went swimming with Danny, ironed Katie’s work shirt, and helped coach Jacks baseball team. 

Him doing everything he does, allows me to do what I do for the five of us. This house (and family) could not run without him.  

Happy Father’s Day to the best dad I have ever had the privilege to meet.  

And was lucky enough to marry. 

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