We are imitating the Audubon  society here on Marrs…..


The robins are back. 

They tidied up the nest and had a second round of eggs. 

We actually ended up with two. 

While we were at the beach, they hatched. 

We came home to dive bombing birds again. 

We have two baby robins that actually resemble cute little birds (we missed the ugly Dino bird only a momma could love phase). 

They are getting big. I would expect less than a week left on Marrs until they become fledglings. You can tell by the way you will see them stretch their wings….and the absolute less tolerance mom and dad have for us opening the front door, walking to our car, or just being in our front yard. 

I’m ready for this batch to move on. With all the rain we’ve gotten, our front yard is a bit overgrown and it’s desperately needing some attention. 

But since I’m also embracing nature….


At least the rain and cold in July is allowing momma and papa robin to easily find worms.  

Again, if you happen to visit Marrs over the next few days, please use the garage. 

(Is it possible to have ptsd for just embracing nature????)

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