I’m no longer the cool chick folks want to hang with (Although I was probably never the cool chick but I used to be fun..)


The last couple of years, I’ve withdrawn socially for many reasons.

Honestly, the only folks that I hang with now are my 4 immediate Martians. 

Jack asked Hugh to hit mount Evans. 
And just the two of them. Which I totally support. 

The time is limited to hang one to one with Kate and Jack. 

But nope nope nope. He doesn’t does not want d and I tagging along. 

I’m encouraging it after Hugh’s long run. These one on one opportunities are so limited anymore. 

But it sucks to be the buzzkill. 

Just saying. 

 (It’s been a few weeks since baseball season ended,  no wonder Jack is missing some dad and he time)


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