It’s always something….


I do not find Dannys issues near as challenging as managing the people who are supposed to be here on his behalf 

Right now, I have the “home” and the “medical” portions of Dannys team all lined up. Crazy qualified folks are surrounding Danny under those two headings right now. We’ve even, finally, worked through the bumps of moving Danny’s behavorial budget to a new payor. 

There is a third piece of Danny’s team. 

The “school” piece. 

I tell you. 

Trying to be proactive to be in touch with folks at the home bound office at the district is never easy. The turnover there is rediculous. And they never actually staff him as his IEP is written. 

Even just trying to get a copy of the initial paperwork for the doc to sign because his IEP placement is actually on home bound  is a logistical nightmare. One that has taken three phone calls last week and a follow up one this morning and still “someone will get back to me this afternoon”

(Insert eye roll here)

Only three more years in the school system. 

I will be glad when those three years are over. 

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