Danny time….


I was sharing the story today of my father’s visit and Danny. 

It went like it usually does. Lots of attention paid to the other two kids and perfunctory acknowledgement of d. 

But I knew how to counteract that. 

I insisted we all go to the train museum. Danny loves trains. It is easy to connect with even the most random strangers at certain places. 

Danny loves his family.  He adores sharing with us the things he loves. He is patient with us when we make him do the things we have to.  But if you are lucky enough to be with him when doing something he loves, you can’t help but see the young man behind the challenges. The real d. 

We, as a family, went. 

While the five of us kept up with d and allowed him to show us his favorite places…..slowing down to be on d time. 

My father and his wife experienced the museum. Wandering and reading.  

Completely missing the entire point of the outing. 
Which was slowing down to  share the experience with d.  
Danny doesn’t have a “social deficit”. We do.  We expect him to always fake interest in what we find important. 

If you slow  down to “Danny time” you realize how incredibly social he can be. 

Unfortunately most everyone is too busy living their own lives to stop and actually experience life on d time.  

Take it from me. 

You are totally missing out. 


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