Monthly Archives: August 2015

We are mostly packed….



I’ve downloaded and packed for every contingency I can think of. 

I think d and I are ready for our annual check in with Dr N at the Cleveland Clinic. We head out tomorrow evening for our mid day Wednesday appointment. 


(Gotta love traveling while following  ds “must have a nonstop flight” rules)

New school year….


It’s time to have a daily conversation about why Danny wasn’t in school today. 

Every evening since school started I have CSH Absense pop up on my cell phone screen.  

And every evening I phone the school and remind them that Danny is actually on homebound so there is no reason for them to call me every night. 

Today was technically a day we would have tried to go to PE. 

Unfortunately, we looked like this at 1:20am. 

And he never went back to sleep. 

(This time, it was Bogey’s fault. Something startled her causing her to bark for about a minute….)