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It’s Fall and every Fall…


At least one mouse finds its way in….could be because no one actually closes the back patio or garage door…but I’m not judging. 

It’s so gross. I will spend about a week every Fall scrubbing and tossing and trying to disinfect our pantry. 

That’s what I did this afternoon.  Pantry food I was able to salvage without the willies is sitting in a plastic tote until the latest unwelcome creature is a thing of the past. 

And then I see this guy. 
Now this guy I will let live. 

But only because he is on the right side of the glass and wasn’t foolish enough to be excited about Danny’s gluten free, heck everything free, cookies.  

And yes I appreciate that it’s silly that bears and big horn sheep don’t flip me out but I get unnerved by a teeny tiny field mouse…..

Did I mention that those creatures stay outside where they belong?????

Four tries later…..


I finally have renewed my drivers license for the next five years….

It expires on Sunday. And since Danny and I are adventuring this weekend, it can’t wait until next week. 

We started yesterday. 

After over an hour d was done. So, I ran him home and went back only to discover that my number had been called in my absence….grr…..

So today, instead of homebound and then school, he and I headed back to try again bright and early. 
This time it only took an hour for my number to be called. 

I didn’t have a second piece of formal mail to verify my address (my license was 10 years old and I didn’t update my address properly when we moved nine years ago….)

So, over to the office to see if we have anything that has our home address and my name on it. Luckily Hugh found a water bill from the first of the year before we went to digital billing. 

Back to the DMV. 

But this time we stopped for breakfast….


An hour later we were finally on our way home. 


That’s seven hours of my life I’ll never get back. 😕

Happy birthday Katie Bear…



Happy 17th birthday to my first baby. The baby that I was so terrified to bring home from the hospital that I made a nurse “teach” me how to change a diaper for half an hour because I had no idea what I was doing. 

I still don’t. 

But in spite of my inexperience, you have grown into an amazing young woman. Smart, pretty, with the warmest heart.

Love you to the moon and back Katie Bear. 

Baby Jack….


Only he’s not a baby anymore. 

Happy 14th birthday buddy. 

In my head you will always be this size when we spent three mornings a week at Einstiens after we drop the big kids at Shaffer and before you go see Miss Chris at your school enjoying a “yellow bagel with white butter uncut”

He’s so very 14.

But he’s also the most laid back, go with the flow, incredibly creative, intolerant of all bullies, funny, and one heck of a baseball player who I wouldn’t trade for any other 14 year old on the planet!

Love you buddy!!!

(Yes, I know, because you are lovable)

An impromptu family field trip…


Because we are on homebound we don’t hear about things until last minute. 

But that’s ok as we are flexible and can totally roll. 

Today’s field trip was a Unified Soccer Tournament between the programs at the middle and high school level in jeffco. 



It was crazy fun. 😂😂😂