Four tries later…..


I finally have renewed my drivers license for the next five years….

It expires on Sunday. And since Danny and I are adventuring this weekend, it can’t wait until next week. 

We started yesterday. 

After over an hour d was done. So, I ran him home and went back only to discover that my number had been called in my absence….grr…..

So today, instead of homebound and then school, he and I headed back to try again bright and early. 
This time it only took an hour for my number to be called. 

I didn’t have a second piece of formal mail to verify my address (my license was 10 years old and I didn’t update my address properly when we moved nine years ago….)

So, over to the office to see if we have anything that has our home address and my name on it. Luckily Hugh found a water bill from the first of the year before we went to digital billing. 

Back to the DMV. 

But this time we stopped for breakfast….


An hour later we were finally on our way home. 


That’s seven hours of my life I’ll never get back. 😕

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