It’s Fall and every Fall…


At least one mouse finds its way in….could be because no one actually closes the back patio or garage door…but I’m not judging. 

It’s so gross. I will spend about a week every Fall scrubbing and tossing and trying to disinfect our pantry. 

That’s what I did this afternoon.  Pantry food I was able to salvage without the willies is sitting in a plastic tote until the latest unwelcome creature is a thing of the past. 

And then I see this guy. 
Now this guy I will let live. 

But only because he is on the right side of the glass and wasn’t foolish enough to be excited about Danny’s gluten free, heck everything free, cookies.  

And yes I appreciate that it’s silly that bears and big horn sheep don’t flip me out but I get unnerved by a teeny tiny field mouse…..

Did I mention that those creatures stay outside where they belong?????

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