Monthly Archives: October 2015

The rest of the afternoon….


The well oiled massive NYC Marathon machine…

And other cool pics from the afternoon. 

They closed off a few neighborhood blocks on the upper west side for trick or treating this afternoon. Totally cool to see how the New Yorkers do it. 😂

Start spreading the news….


Bags are packed….

Hugh has spent the day carbing up….

And we are all ready to spend the weekend in Manhattan so Hugh can celebrate his birthday by running the NYC Marathon. 

There are many worse ways to have a mid life crisis. A weekend in Manhattan and the entrance fee is way cheaper than a twenty something girlfriend…..


Look for the photo bombing as your favorite Martians take Manhattan. 

What a difference time makes….


In totally another way. 

Almost a year ago, I was still entangled where my very wise and completely observant husband warned me of the pitfalls but still I naively (crazy should you know my upbringing) believed in the motives of those I thought of as “extended family” 

My need to constantly help blew up in my face in more ways than one. 


Now a year has past.  And while I’m sure there has been multiple conversations about how “everyone let’s us down and I can’t believe I trusted” I’m also sure there have been no realization  as to their portion of the breakdowns since it’s easier to lay blame somewhere other than their own feet and responsibility. 

It’s been a while. 

And I’ve finally realized, much to my amazing husband’s relief, that no contact with that same group of folks is best because of my compulsion to “help as there were times in my life that I could have used the help.”  

Unfortunately, I am incapable of reading people’s actual intentions.  

Best to just let them be and not get sucked into the spiraling self destruction. 

Btw, I totally hate that my inner cynic was proven right. 

Moving on.