“Ring the bell at San Miguel 


and spirits will return you to Santa Fe,”

Apparently Danny is going to return multiple times. 

I hope he brings me with him. 

We head home bright and early tomorrow.  We are totally coming back. Probably next year for the balloons. 

What a super fun time I’ve had channeling the me before kids. Except it’s better now, because instead of crashing on someone’s floor, I have my own room in the neatest casita on the most relaxing and hospitable vineyard with a great patio to chill on when Danny socks out. The Balloon Fiesta is a must repeat as its only 6 hours from home. But the reviews we’re right, the traffic was beyond atrocious. But so worth fighting  it to be in the middle of over 500 balloons as they set to take flight and then land. 

22 years ago I talked Hugh into a road trip to celebrate my 25th birthday.    This one ranks almost as high to celebrate my 47th. 

I wonder where we will go next year. 

I just love road trips!!!!!!

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